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Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Intro - Trying to escape.
Intro - Got shot down!
Waking up in the jungle.
Level 1 - jungle.
Level 1 - Enemy below.
Level 1 - lifts.
Level 1 - a wounded man.
Aliens have erased my memory...
Level 2 - lift.
Level 2 - Well, at least some people are friendly around here.
Level 2 - Checkpoint.
Level 2 - Future transit.
Level 2 - Shifty business.
Level 2 - Outside the Death Tower.
Level 2 - Work Agency.
Level 2 - Saving game at a save game point.
Level 3 - Death Tower - Reality TV gone bad.
Level 3 - This level has a blue palette for the most part.
Level 3 - Hey, mom! I'm on TV!
Won the Death Tower TV show - next stop planet Earth!
On my way to Earth.
Earth of the future!
The bad guys get tougher to beat as the game goes on.
The bad guys in this level have rocket packs.
Spying on a meeting.
Either that guy is an alien or he needs a serious face lift.
Escaping from the cell.
A maze of sorts.
Watch out for the poison gas traps.
Another world?
Alien planet.
It's kind of weird around here...
A bridge.
Energy generator.
A door stands in your way...