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Good once you get the hang of it, but not the best home version Martin Smith (78683) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.0

Critic Reviews

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Zzap! (Jun, 1989)
One of those shoot 'em ups you'd be stark, staring mad to miss.
A fabulous conversion of a brilliant coin-op, this is the bargain basement shoot 'em up fan's dream come true! Take on the evil Emperor Bios after battling through wave after wave of fascinating aliens using a multitude of weapons and special bonuses. An absolute steal at the giveaway price, rush forth and grab this slice of arcade mayhem right away!
Don't question how they managed to squeeze nearly all the graphics, speech and digitised pictures of one awesome coin-op into one 512K machine, just play the game! Smooth as silk scrolling goes unnoticed when you're up to your armpits in aliens and bullets, all beautifully detailed, with colour galore making Forgotten Worlds a 16-bit unbeatable treat.
Commodore User (May, 1989)
This is the sort of game that goes down phenomenally well over in the office, a two player mode, fast, addictive and good looking, and as Nigel Taylor our northern ad manager would say 'Hadaway I'd gie ma bes' racin' pigeon far tha' 'un'. For CU's NT to say that it must be good.
By far the best conversion of the lot. The graphics maintain a close arcade look, all the features have been included and used to great effect. Arc developments, the programming team, have more than surpassed themselves with this conversion.
The One (May, 1989)
Impressive parallax scrolling looks great and creates an authentic coin-op feel, although this doesn't in any way improve the gameplay. Arc has done US Gold proud with this conversion of one of the most technically accomplished coin-ops yet seen, and it bodes well for future projects.
Zero (Aug, 1991)
A popular little job when it originally came out, so not a bad buy on budget. Me, I'd rather do over a building society any day.
Your Amiga (Oct, 1989)
Forgotten Worlds is a very slick shoot-'em-up which is at its best when two players are blasting critters simultaneously. The controls are a little difficult to master since you either move around the screen or rotate and fire your weapon. This can often mean that you're blasting away in completely the wrong direction or as things get really tough.
Power Play (Jun, 1989)
Forgotten Worlds ist kein Software-Meilenstein, der alles auf den Kopf stellt. Es ist aber ein sehr professionell gemachtes Actionspiel für Flínkfinger, das vor allem zu zweit seinen Reiz hat. Wer sich alleine ins Getümmel wagt, muß schon sehr gut am Joystick sein, um weit zu kommen.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
[Budget re-release] A fairly enjoyable, though slightly dated, arcade romp which benefits from a two-player mode.
A choice of control modes and a couple more levels would have finished it off perfectly, but Forgotten Worlds is an obvious choice for players of the coin-op, and a serious contender for everyone else's cash.
Play Time (May, 1991)
Im Wesentlichen ist es ein Ballerspiel mit seitlichem Scrolling in Turrican-Mannier. Nur eben nicht ganz so gut. Der Gesamteindruck ist, als würde man durch Sirup waten, da sich sowohl der ‘Gute‘ wie auch die ‘Bösen‘ ziemlich langsam bewegen.
The One (Apr, 1991)
[Budget re-release] The strange rotational movement takes some getting used to and the sprites and backdrops are beginning to look pretty crude compared to some modern-day harbingers of death. However, for the price it's not bad and as two-player action goes, it's likely to keep you amused for a couple of hours at a time.
Zwar verfügt der Amiga über ein suberes Scrolling, größere Sprites und Grafiken, aber auf diesem Rechner ist das Game kaum mehr spielbar. Zum einen kann der Held nicht schnell genug schießen, zum anderen gibt es viel mehr Gegner, die viel mehr schießen und viel mehr Treffer verkraften, so daß das Ganze viel weniger Spaß macht.
Reasonable conversion of the arcade blaster, which ultimately doesn't quite come off due to the limitations of the control system. Good: Simultaneous two player mode is there. Bad: crap sound. No continues, so unfairly difficult to complete.

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