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Franko: The Crazy Revenge Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

You don't have enough memory stupid!
Copy protection screen
Failed copy protection
Short intro animation
Title screen
Part of the story
Main menu with the scrolling credits
Select Franko or Alex.
Level 1 - using both hands to deal with nasty thugs.
Level 1 - spitting blood after the knee hit to my face.
Level 1 - a punk moans in great pain on the ground.
Level 1 - effective flying kick against an armed cop.
Level 1 - a judoman in white trying to beat me up.
Level 1 - during the walk to next dangerous location.
Level 1 - throwing people in the air is quite a pleasure.
Level 1 - evil Klocek & his gang observing the fight.
Level 1 - ready to knock out another tough brawler.
Level 1 - that thug is evidently enjoying my pain.
Level 1 - boss
Bonus level - driving over a group of poor walkers.
Level 2 - hungrily looking for someone's ass to kick.
Level 2 - fierce battle in front of the hamburger shop
Level 2 - let's see if this rude bastard can really fly.
Level 2 - trying to pick up myself from the ground.
Level 2 - kicking a punk in the face will teach him.
Level 2 - a few precise hits and the fight is over.
Level 2 - this time it's me bashing white judoman.
Level 2 - I have defeated three from the five fighters.
Level 2 - finishing a stunned enemy with no mercy.
Level 2 - a sneaky soldier unfairly using his rifle.
Level 2 - boss
Bonus level - some brassy punks crossing the road.
Level 3 - just performing one of the deadly grips.
Level 3 - having fun in an abandoned warehouse.
Level 3 - my knee could be a dangerous weapon.
Level 3 - I was mauled by a flasher in black coat.
Level 3 - long jump on a back of crouched bouncer
Level 3 - beating another knocked out bad guy.
Level 3 - a lot of blood splashing on the sidewalk.
Level 3 - trying to make new friends in the car park.
Level 3 - main boss Klocek
Game over