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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Overall User Score (28 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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"Frontier" jest grą bardzo realistyczną. Już na początku zadziwia bardzo dużym obszarem działania i liczbą sposobów na jakie można tę grę prowadzić. Oprócz tego jest to chyba pierwszy program, w którym zauważa się ogrom otaczającego nas kosmosu i wielkości jakie w nim obowiązują (...). "Frontier" wciąga i to bardzo. Jedyne co można mu wytknąć to szybkość i przekłamania grafiki wektorowej.
High Score (Nov, 1993)
Jag kan bara säga en sak. Om du bara ska köpa ett enda spel i år och gillar kombinationen action, strategi och flyg, då ska du köpa Elite II. Det tänker i alla fall jag göra.
CU Amiga (Nov, 1993)
The ultimate in space adventure, Frontier is the single most imporant step forward for games this decade!
Amiga Joker (Dec, 1993)
Falls wirklich gut wird, was lange währt, müßte David Brabens zweiter Sternenhändler ein Traum von einer Fortsetzung sein – selten hat man uns ja sooo lange warten lassen. Und tatsächlich... ...kann Elite II den ultraklassischen Vorgänger noch übertrumpfen! Die alte Begeisterung stellt sich sofort wieder ein, sobald man in sein Raumschiff klettert und von Planet zu Planet eilt, um mit nunmehr 27 verschiedenen Waren zu schachern.
Amiga Dream (Jan, 1994)
Le jeu est si complet que chacun pourra y trouver son bonheur, soit dans le commerce, les missions militaires, la contrebande ou le grand banditisme...
Amiga Format (Dec, 1993)
Aficionados of the original Elite may be a little disappointed, sure the 3D routines are stunning but the bare bones of the game are pretty much the same only bigger. It would have been nice to have had more interaction with the universe instead of constantly flying about and fighting. If you missed out on Elite then you are in for a treat. The basic concept is simple and the addictiveness is horrifying. If you find yourself getting hooked then you have a game that will last and last. There will always be another world to see, another few credits to earn and another spaceship to fight it out with. The universe is yours, try not to dent the ship, eh?
Power Play (Nov, 1993)
Es stört nicht die Raumbohne, das die detailierte Vektorgrafik nicht mehr ganz heutigen Standards entspricht. Was macht das schon, wenn wir dafür durch haufenweise Spielspaß, Abwechslung, Abenteuer und jede Menge Wunder des Universums entschädigt werden. Besser als Elite - ein Kunstwerk.
Play Time (Dec, 1993)
Wer den ersten Teil noch nicht bis zum Abwinken gespielt hat, findet bei Elite 2 das, was man von Privateer vergeblich erwartet hat: Ein Weltraum-Handels-Actionspiel, das jahrelang gespielt werden kann, ohne an einen toten Punkt zu kommen. Auf dem Amiga ist die Begeisterung sicherlich mehr gerechtfertigt als am PC, denn auch hier gibt es bisher noch nichts Vergleichbares. Am PC haut die Grafik und vor allem der Sound aber niemanden mehr vom Hocker. Und in Bezug auf die fast 1:1 übernommene Story fällt mir außerdem nur ein Zitat des seligen Jim Morrison ein: “Tote Würmer sollte man schlafen lassen“.
Games without frontiers - a delightful idea, but to date it's been no more than a song lyric. Go far enough in one direction in a computer game, and you'll eventually arrive at an impassible barrier.
Amiga Power (Dec, 1993)
A1200: Largely the same criticisms, but it is much smoother and faster. The detailed planets are almost worthwhile and the combat bits are actually playable.
Edge (Jan, 1994)
On one high density floppy disk you have, quite simply, an entire universe to explore. Trader? Pirate? Miner? Mercenary? Explorer? Taxi Driver? There is no set goal; it’s entirely up to you in which direction you channel your energies. If you want to live in another world, you’ll find it here, and Frontier may well be the best game you’ve ever played. If you’re just looking for something to pass the time with, however, you won’t find any cheap thrills. Get hooked, and you’re hooked for good. But there’s more attractive bait around.
Amiga Power (Dec, 1993)
Whether it is David Braben’s obsession with astronomy, the tedious navigation system or the slow and unspectacular poygon graphics, you cannot help thinking that life is too short, that there must be better games to play than this. Yes, we all sigh in a resigned manner, it is a marvellous technical achievement to cram the entire galaxy on to a couple of disks,. Yes, these might be some of the best 3D environments we have ever seen on the Amiga. Yes, there is limitless gameplay time, but even so, it has to be said that Frontier is just not very much fun. Remember that word? Fun, it had something to do with playing games and enjoying yourself...
A blurb on the box claims that Frontier contains nearly 100 billion planets and moons! While it may be next to impossible to verify that figure, even in a lifetime of gameplay, the world of Frotnier does seem incredibly immense. From a practical standpoint, your limits are dictated by the amount of fuel you can carry, the strength of your hull, and the limits of your desire. Gamers who want a guiding force in their gaming products which gently (but insistently) nudges them in a certain direction are apt to be disappointed by the unfettered nature of Frontier. Its large universe is a tabula rasa in which the player becomes the actor, director and scriptwriter in a science fiction opera. If you've the imagination to fill those roles and compensate for the game's lack of a plot, Frontier should offer months, or even years, of galaxy-trekking fun.