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It never rains but it pours
Who's gonna win?
Those guys have problems...
Title screen
The adventure begins
First step done, you're inside the building...
A swamp in the year AD 1304.
A forest.
A medieval village.
Near a large tree. What's that hanging from the tree?
Inside the inn.
Inside the castle meeting with Lord Torin.
Looks like the monastery is guarded by a wolf
Inside the monastery.
The head of the monastery.
The cellar of the monastery.
The monastery has some nice stained glass windows.
Rescuing Torin's daughter, but is this girl really a medieval princess?
Back to the Future!
Earth AD 4315. Looks like this city got bombed out...
This whole city has been wiped out...
Boarding a subway train.
Boarding a futuristic airplane.
An Earth ship has captured a Crughon ship.
Earth AD 4315. Standing before the Council.
Well, I can't argue with that, now can I?
Timeline: Ancient Earth... You and Lo Ann stop a Crughon ship and Crughon storm troopers.
Checking out the Crughon ship.
The Crughon ship is taking off.
Onboard the Crughon ship.
Leaving ancient Earth abord the Crughon ship.
Warping through time aboard the Crughon ship.
Inside of the Crughon space station.
The ship has docked. The guards come aboard to check out the ship. Thankfully, you have an invisibility pill.
A storage room on the Crughon space station.
Running to find the control room on the Crughon space station.
The Crughon space station control room.
Running through the halls of the Crughons space station.
The Crughon space station.