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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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Amiga Computing (Dec, 1989)
Niggles notwithstanding. The Code Monkeys have done a very creditable job – you would be very hard pressed not to find something you would enjoy here. But what a shame we did not have boxing. Remember the Korean team? Missed out on a serious piss-taking opportunity there.
Graphics on both versions are colourful and nicely detailed - especially on the hammer throw when a badly timed projectile hurtles towards the screen and seemingly smashes it, and on the Amiga game with the newspaper headlines reporting your successes. If you have arm muscles the size of Sly Stallone and the stamina of a marathon runner, take a look at this classic sporting sim.
THE GAMES - SUMMER EDITION ist zur Zeit die beste Olympiasimulation für die 16-Bit-Rechner. Sowohl die Grafik als auch die Seoul-mäßige Sound-Seite kann vollauf überzeugen. Die Amiga-Version ist gegenüber der ST-Fassung gemäß der Fähigkeiten verbessert worden. Der Sound klingt um einiges voller, und viele grafische Details wurden besser gestaltet. Da dürften weder die ST-noch die Amiga-Freaks mosern, denn beide Fassungen sind hervorragend gelungen. Empfehlenswert - und zwar bedingungslos!
Power Play (1989)
Wenn jemand auf technisch anspruchsvolle Sport-Simulationen steht, sollte er schleunigst dafür sorgen, daß dieses Programm bald bei ihm im Software-Schrank steht. Acht abwechslungsreiche Disziplinen mit ausgeklügelter Steuerung und ansehnlicher Grafik bieten bei “The Games: Summer Edition“ Stoff für lange Sessions. Die Amiga/ST-Versionen geben grafisch am meisten her und ernten dafür die höchsten Wertungen, doch auch auf C 64 und MS-DOS-PCs ist das Programm gut spielbar.
Amiga Joker (Dec, 1989)
Gegenüber der 64er-Version ist einiges dazugekommen: so sind die Icons der Disziplinen animiert, und es gibt jetzt mehr Gags. In Game-Sounds und eine ganze Reihe irrer Zooms. Leider hat man aber auch manch hübsche Kleinigkeit weggelassen, die Medaillenverleihung ist beispielsweise in der 16 Bit-Fassung nicht animiert. Zum Ausgleich ist die Ladegeschwindigkeit erträglich, und auch die Diskwechsel halten sich in vertretbaren Grenzen. Wer auf Sportsimulationen steht, dem garantiert Summer Edition wahrhaft olympischen Spielspaß!
Amiga Action (Nov, 1989)
The title in the 'Games' series I have every really rated is California Games. However, The Games: Summer Edition surpasses even that in terms of graphics and playability. Sound, too, is of a very high standard, with a nice tune accompanying each event. The thing I liked the most, though, was the fact that each of the events is extremely playable and, unlike past games in the series, not one event is a let-down.
Any one who enjoys sports simulations is going to love this game, which has to be Epyx's best yet. All of the events are easy to learn, but present enough of a challenge to keep you amused for some time. As an added bonus there are also attractive medal ceremonies. A must for all joystick athletes.
Commodore User (Nov, 1989)
Sensible control systems make it easy to get into the game straight away but cleverly designed events mean that much practice will be required. The little touches of humour and style are present as in all Epyx games and they really do help to keep the player hooked until you can boast absolute perfection. One grip is that the program is on two disks and it does not recognise the second disk drive which means that a reasonable amount of disk swapping is required. Nevertheless The Games Summer Edition is a useful multi-format sports simulation software and I do not hesitate to recommend it.
A simulation feel makes Games: Summer Edition slightly less playable than earlier Epyx "Games", but should make it a winner among athletics fans.
Amiga Format (Dec, 1989)
There is little left to be said about Epyx’s sport simulations: they are always competent and enjoyable. This one has been well programmed, delightfully presented and has some excellent highlights. It is not going to get too many pulses racing though, because there is not much new about it.
Amiga Power (Sep, 1991)
[Budget re-release] Tries hard, looks quite good, but gameplay-wise fails down all over the place. Strange, pretty, but not really a great.
Zzap! (Dec, 1989)
As usual with Epyx, the presentation of Games is very good with different music with different music for each event and some nice graphical touches. Sadly, as in the 64 version, the events themselves are very simplistic, requiring very little input from the player. Although this makes Games very easy to get into, its long term appeal is severely impaired.