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Advertising Blurbs

From the back cover:


    Experience the other side of Hockey, the side most people never see. Behind the scenes, where an elite few make the decisions that ultimately lead to victory or defeat. Enter the fast paced world of international sports management, where the movers and shakers spend millions to build their dream teams. Where an injury on the ice can create or destroy empires. Now you can be a player in the game behind the game. Arrange trades and close deals, find that hot new talent in the farm leagues and draft him up to the majors. Keep one eye on the competition and the other on the bottom line as you work to turn your team into an unstoppable juggernaut on the road to the cup!

    Build accurate emulations of any team from any year and play the fantasy games that you've only dreamed of. Imagine, the 1970 Bruins versus the 1987 Oilers face to face in the most incredible play off series of all time! Or, build an invincible All Star Team and take on all challengers!

    The choice is yours - this time you're in charge!

    "The Hockey League Simulator is a dream come true, where an individual can manage his own hockey team. It's truly impressive."
    Doug Carpenter, Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs

    "Bethesda's "Hockey League Simulator" makes the "great one" greater, impressively adding the dimension of league play to the clear leader in computer hockey games."
    Johnny Wilson, Computer Gaming World

    Features include:

    • Interfaces with the best sports simulation of all time, "Wayne Gretzky Hockey."

    • Includes player ratings and teams data for the 1987-1988 National Hockey League.

    • Manual/Automatic Autoplay features allow you to see game results in moments.

    • Create your own league, hire the coaches and staff, draft and trade players, schedule games and much, much more!

    Contributed by Belboz (6577) on Oct 19, 2001.