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The Immortal Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
An image of the old wizard Mordamir leaps from the candle and begins to speak.
...but your name is not Dunric.
Fighting an Orc.
Defeated another Orc, now I can talk to that adventurer.
The inventory screen.
A trap! But you can free yourself from this one.
Casting a fireball spell on that unsuspecting Orc.
It's time to hit the hay.
Found the entrance to the second level!
You need to find three of these gems to get access to the next level.
You won't survive in this level without a spell for the will-o'-the-wisp.
The spores killed all Orcs in the room.
Another trap. This time I got impaled.
Got transformed into an Orc by using the protean ring. Now I can empty that stash.
Two Trolls versus the Wizard and one Orc.
Riding the magic carpet. Beware of the fireballs and the flames from the ground.
This happens when you get off the carpet!
Ana is rescued, level 4 complete!
The Orc chief is telling his plan...
After quaffing the shrinking potion, I'm able to walk through that crack in the wall.
Crawling into the spider cavern.
Couldn't avoid the tossed net, now the wizard is spider food.
That tortured man is Dunric.
When you take a nap you start dreaming.
Practicing the barrel-riding is strongly recommended.
Head for the whirlpool when the monster is following you.
Wasn't quick enough, it grabbed me with his tentacles.
Getting revived by an Orc.
The final battle against the Dragon.