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The oddly-named Moebius Goatlizard is a conversion of the SAM Coupé game Lost Disks of SAM, itself a conversion of the ZX Spectrum game Lost Tapes of Albion.

The eponymous Moebius Goatlizard loves collecting useless things, and after completing his collection of lost Speccy tapes and never-released SAM floppies, he's heading to collect a lot of randomly generated 8-bit "space invaders" aliens.

A single screen platform game, Moebius has you running around on eight floors from top to bottom, filled with the small pixel aliens. The floors are connected to the left and right, so that running off-screen to the right puts you on the left of the platform below, or on the top platform if you happen to be on the bottom floor. Most of the time, though, it is better to use the teleport platforms interspersed throughot the floors, where you push up or down to move to the platform below or above. This is needed in order to avoid the nasties patrolling each floor, ranging from the mindless Chomper to the robotic Homer which turns your way whenever you're on the same platform, or the mindless but very speedy Pucky. If Moebius is in trouble, he can activate "hyperspace" to be transported to a random spot on the screen. He can only do this three times, though, unless he picks up hyperspace powerups. There are also powerups to stop the enemies in their tracks, to speed up Moebius or for limited invulnerability.

Moebius Goatlizard is a quick arcade game, even on the easiest setting, and can be played by one or two players simultaneously.


The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard Amiga On to the next level
The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard Amiga Moebius (top floor) goes around collecting aliens while Moebius (bottom floor) is hit by a nasty
The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard Amiga All done
The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard Amiga Only a few aliens left

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Boxed release

Although the game was released as freeware (version 1.1), in June 2013 a slightly extended version (1.2) was released exclusively as a boxed version and was not made available for download. The plastic case contained a single disk with a printed label. This release was sold on fan forums for the price of £7.50 (plus shipping).
Source: Developer website (blog post 28th June 2013), Cover scan: Mobygames

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