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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Credits

90 people (88 developers, 2 thanks)

Development Team

Story and DesignHal Barwood, Noah Falstein
Produced byShelley M. Day
Project Led byHal Barwood
Programmed byMichael Stemmle, Ron Baldwin, Tony Hsieh, Sean Clark, Bret Barrett
Additional ProgrammingKalani Streicher
Lead ArtistWilliam L. Eaken
Background ArtJames Alexander Dollar, Mike Ebert, Avril Harrison
Lead AnimatorCollette Michaud
AnimationAvril Harrison, Anson Jew, James McLeod
Additional Art and AnimationMark J. Ferrari, Sean Turner, Martin Cameron, Brent E. Anderson
Indiana Jones Theme Music ComposedJohn T. Williams
Original Music and ArrangementsClint Bajakian, Peter McConnell, Michael Z. Land
Music Re-OrchestrationRobin Goldstein, J. White (as J. Anthony White)
Lead TesterWayne Cline
Quality AssuranceHoward Harrison, Tabitha Tosti, Patrick Sirk, Kristina Sontag, David Maxwell, David Wessman, Bret Mogilefsky, James Hanley
Additional TestingJo Ashburn, Leyton Chew, Justin Graham, Chip Hinnenberg, Kirk Lesser, Ron K. Lussier, Eli Mark, David Popovich, Jon Van, Ezra
Music Produced byPeter McConnell
Sound EffectsJ. White (as J. Anthony White), Robert Marsanyi, Clint Bajakian
SCUMM™ Story SystemRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder, Brad P. Taylor, Vince Lee
iMUSE™ Electronic Music SystemMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell


Product Marketing ManagerRobin Holland
Manual and Hint BookJudith Lucero
Package DesignSoo Hoo Design
Manual DesignMark Shepard
Package IllustrationWilliam L. Eaken
Necklace ModelMilton Williams

The Staff of LucasArts Games

General ManagerDoug Glen
Director of DevelopmentKelly Flock
Associate Director of DevelopmentLucy Bradshaw
Director of Business OperationsJack Sorensen
Manager of Planning and AnalysisSteve Dauterman
Public Relations ManagerSue Seserman
Marketing AssistantMarianne Dumitru
International CoordinatorLisa Star
Direct Sales ManagerJo Ellen Reiss
Direct Sales RepresentativesRita Bullinger-Allen, Wendy P. Judson, Kerre Mauel, Gabriel McDonald
Product Support SupervisorKhris Brown
Product SupportErin Collier, Mara Kaehn, Livia Knight
Computer Systems SupervisorJames Woods
Computer SupportThomas J. Caudle, Randy Spencer
Administrative SupportAnnemarie Barrett, Meredith Cahill, Joseph Donaldson, Lex Eurich, Deborah Fine, Michele Harrell, Brenna Kruppa-Holden, Marcia Keasler, Erin Kelly, Liz Nagy, Debbie Ratto, Andrea Siegel, Dawn Yamada
Special thanks toGeorge Lucas, Steven Spielberg

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (63675) and Bullyt (550)