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Amiga Computing (Jan, 1990)
Fast graphics and easy mouse control give a level of gameplay you can easily be enthusiastic over. Although the originality of the plot may be questioned, it has certainly been well-implemented in an excellent piece of software.
Zzap! (Dec, 1989)
Cyberpunk SF crosses Bladerunner with Tron, and this is perhaps the truest computer game version of it yet. The plot closely resembles the bit in the Max Headroom movie where Theora deactivates security systems for reporter Carter. But Interphase's real achievement is the flawless combination of a great plot, an excellent shoot-'em-up, and intriguing puzzles into one astounding game. The concept is just great. The graphics are superb, fast and imaginative (watch out for the toad on a unicycle on level two) although the sonics are limited to spot FX. This is one of the most exciting and original games I've seen in a long while, and I'll be playing it long into the night. I only hope work on Interphase 2 has begun!
Like Damocles, Interphase has had two years of intensive effort spent on it. Graphics are "state of the art" 3D and the gameplay and plot have been thoroughly worked through to provide an entertaining, lasting challenge that is sure to stack up with Xenon and Speedball as one of Image Works best titles to date. Highly recommended to gamers who want all of the thrills of aerial combat with a cerebral element as well.
Looks, moves and plays very similarly to the ST, sound being slightly better. Impressive graphics and involving gameplay make it equally as good a product and just as good value.
Commodore User (Nov, 1989)
It is rare nowadays to find a piece of software that has not derived from a film or an arcade machine or for that fact plagiarised from another top selling title. In concept and design, Interphase can be claimed to be wholly original. A huge, deeply absorbing interactive game which is a welcome relief. Interphase formally mainframe has been over a year in development, but it is well worth the wait.
Completely indistinguishable from the ST version. Brilliant.
Amiga Format (Nov, 1989)
Interphase is complex and intriguing to start with. Once you have played a couple of times, though, you will have the hang of it and will be able to understand what is going on. Then it is a case of carefully planning the route and dealing with the hazards as you come across them. The levels get progressively harder so it is going to take you a while to complete and if you like games that require a little brain power, you will have a lot of fun along the way.
Zero (Dec, 1989)
Excellent blend of breathtaking graphics and addictive gameplay. Yet another impressive game courtesy of Imageworks.
OK, zugegeben: INTERPHASE, der jüngste Sproß der MIRRORSOFT-Familie, sieht dem einen oder anderen Programmkind aus der großen Spielesoftware-Sippe verdammt ähnlich. Den beiden Stargilders zum Beispiel (denen von den beiden Rainbirds - wenn die Monty-Python-Freunde unter Euch verstehen, was ich meine ...). Zugegeben auch, daß die Story erstens nicht sooo aufregend und zweitens abgekupfert ist (Gibson‘s Neuromancer läßt schön grüßen). Aber eins steht fest. INTERPHASE ist ein Strategie-/Actionspiel, das einen so schnell nicht wieder losläßt!
The One (Nov, 1989)
The puzzles themselves are well structured, and increase in difficulty at a reasonable pace, but for the reason mentioned above it's impossible to fully contemplate (and thus appreciate) them. Overall, both sections of the game work well independently and together, but only those with red-hot trigger fingers and grey matter to match will get full enjoyment from it.
Power Play (Jan, 1990)
Auf den ersten Blick glaubte ich, einen neuen "Starglider"-Verschnitt vor mir zu haben. Aber dem ist nicht so. "Interphase" ist in erster Linie etwas für Freunde von Grübel-Spielen. Hier kommt es in der Hauptsache nicht auf den dicksten Laser an, sondern auf die richtige Strategie. Die sehr abstrakte 3D-Grafik ist schnell und paßt wunderbar zur High-Tech-Stimmung. Besonders gelungen finde ich die logischen Puzzles.
Amiga Joker (Dec, 1989)
Interphase ist das Richtige für Tüftler, die auch ein bißchen Action haben wollen – mir wurd's nach einiger Zeit dann doch langweilig, grundsätzlich sieht nämlich jede Spielstufe ziemlich gleich aus. Dennoch: Das Scrolling ist sagenhaft schnell, und die Soundeffekte sind durchaus stimmig. Auch steht das Programm trotz der komplexen Grafik komplett im Speicher. An diesem Spiel werden sich noch viele Geister scheiden, es ist ein typischer Vertreter der Gattung „totale Begeisterung oder totale Ablehnung“. Ein Probespielchen vor dem Kauf ist daher dringend anzuraten – dann muß jeder selbst entscheiden...