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Zero (Jul, 1992)
Graphically the game is very neat, with beautiful landscapes that encourage you to delve deeper into it and the sound effects are adequate enough, lulling you into a false sense of security. However, the hearty noises whenever you enter a tavern sound like the audience on The Les Dennis Show. But most of all, it's the exciting sense of adventure (encompassing over 100,000 screens) that makes Ishar incredibly smart.
CU Amiga (Jul, 1992)
The sheer size of Ishar means that you'll be playing it for weeks, possibly months, to come. It's the best game of its type I've ever seen, and is obviously highly recommended.
A classic title. Every RPG fan should play this game. The game has its own specific atmosphere and mood. Although the sequel to Ishar is much better in terms of graphics, sound and playability, the first part is a "must-see" to be able to experience the whole story.
The One (Jun, 1993)
(AGA version) When I first reviewed Ishar back in July of last year I gave it 87%. Since then RPGs have moved on a bit, what with the likes of Legends of Valour and Ambermoon, but the story still grips and the improved graphics and disk accessing are definite pluses.
The One (Jul, 1992)
Silmarils is to be congratulated on trying something a little different and personally I thought this much better than Eye of the Beholder 2 and those games typical of this genre. It's not as straight forward but if you're willing to put in the effort it's far more rewarding. Don't pass this one by - it deserves to be a hit.
MegaZone (Jun, 1993)
Playing is brisk, and you'll be off with a team of five adventurers in search of treasure and things to slash and dice in this 'Tolkien' era-style RPG. In line with the trend these days, Ishar doesn't represent any new ideas or improvement to the RPG genre, but it does play well, and it will while away the hours. Yeah, go on buy it!
Amiga Mania (Sep, 1992)
This game is simply not recommended for beginners in role-playing games, but for those battle hardened veterans it's an absolute humbling requirement!
Dank seiner Grafik, der guten Benutzerführung, der Landschaften und viel stimmungsvollem Drumherum ist Ishar ein feines Rollenspiel geworden. Man setzte weniger auf Innovation und bemühte sich mehr, bekanntes und bewährtes gut aufzuarbeiten und mit einer neuen Story zu versehen. Dieser Versuch ist rundherum geglückt!
CU Amiga (Aug, 1993)
(AGA version) The most welcome improvement in this version of the game comes in the form of a doleful soundtrack - great for atmosphere. All in all it's a substantial improvement serving to enhance your overall enjoyment of the product.
Amiga Action (Jul, 1992)
Noticeably distinguished in the graphics area, Ishar: Legend of the Fortress plays almost as well as it looks. The adventure theme gracefully combines with the investigative element to produce a thoroughbred game. Perhaps the downfall of Ishar is its simplicity; you begin to wish for more activity, interaction and involvement, more problems and less roaming. Sound effect are typically adequate RPG noises but nothing adventurous. Certainly a valiant effort by Silmarils and, of they can learn from this, a firm foundation for a sequel.
Amiga Action (Jul, 1993)
(AGA version) The game worked reasonably well on the 500 and never really suffered from any serious problems with slowdown or suchlike, so the only reason for an A1200 version are purely aesthetic.
Amiga Power (Sep, 1993)
(AGA version) It's an RPG with a novel twist and a friendly, logical control system, but it's let down by a generally dull plot that doesn't draw you in. And there's no major changes to the original.
Amiga Power (Jul, 1992)
Good enough considering the competition, but it could have surged ahead with just a little more user-friendliness.
Amiga Format (Jul, 1993)
(AGA version) Ishar is a good, solid game, and the addition of extra colours in this new version makes it all quite a lot prettier - as well as quite a lot quicker. If you already have Ishar, there's not much more for you here. If you haven't, then it's recommended if you relish a challenge.
Amiga Format (Aug, 1992)
Detailed and colourful graphics – trees actually do look like trees... ...but they mean the screen update can sometimes be on the doddery side. Character interaction really has been developed to be meaningful here. Enough RPG nonsense to satisfy the hardcore players, but not so much that you need a doctorate D & D to play. Orientation is sometimes difficult – much wandering needs to be done.
(A1200 version)
Alles in allem eine recht gute Umsetzung, auch wenn es wieder mal “nur“ für den kleinen AA-Rechner gedacht ist und den A4000 außer acht läßt.
Amiga Joker (Sep, 1992)
Selbst die Maus/Icon-Steuerung funktioniert tadellos; wenn uns Ishar dennoch nicht restlos überzeugen konnte, dann muß es wohl an den vergleichsweise einfachen Rätseln liegen – wie bei der Hatz nach den arboreanischen Klunkern gehören die Aufgaben überwiegend zur nicht allzu schweißtreibenden Sorte. Trotzdem, weiter so, und das nächste Game stößt endgültig in Hit-Sphären vor!
Amiga Games (Oct, 1992)
Unter dem Strich läßt sich feststellen, daß es sich auch hier um ein Rollenspiel handelt, um das der Liebhaber nicht herumkommen kann. Nicht nur das Genre spricht für sich, sondern auch Handlungsablauf und Bedienbarkeit.
Amiga Joker (May, 1993)
(AGA version)
Schön und gut, daß das Game allerdings nicht per Festplatte läuft, ist für eine 1200er-Version peinlich, und die etwas unsauber übersetzten Screentexte hat auch niemand überarbeitet. Fazit: Zuviel Optimismus führt nur zu Enttäuschungen...
Amiga Magazine (Mar, 1993)
Ishar is een groot spel, veel groter dan Crystals of Arborea. Je speelt het niet snel uit. Naarmate je verder komt, ontrolt de intrige zich met allerlei sub-intriges die je allemaal stuk voor stuk moet oplossen. Some maakt dat het spel wel een beetje vermoeiend. Maar de mooie plaatjes maken een hoop goed.
Amiga Force (Jul, 1993)
(AGA version) Annoying flaws spoilt the original Amiga Ishar and it's disappointing that they haven't been corrected for the enhanced 1200 version. In fact, not a lot's changed at all apart from the obvious graphical tweaks and a slightly faster running speed. Finding your way around the landscape is still a problem, as the dog-eared map doesn't even show your position. Another major annoyance is the way you can be attacked by invisible enemies, often losing characters before you can escape. It's a shame the combat system wasn't changed altogether, really, as clicking on 'attack' for each character is tiresomely simplistic - whatever happened to the overhead strategic combat used in earlier RPGs? If only such bugbears had been corrected, Ishar could have been a great game.