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The Jetsons: George Jetson and the Legend of Robotopia Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Loading screen
Game start - Orbitty hanging from the ceiling
George is late for work, as usual.
Apartment hall
Elroy's bedroom
Living room
Judy's bedroom
Parking lot
Mr. Spacely fires you! GAME OVER!
Taking a whirl in your flying car.
Reception room at Mr. Spacely Sprockets.
Mr. Spacely isn't happy with you...
Your office.
At the mall.
The Dream Factory at the mall.
Buying stuff at the transportation center at the mall.
Restaurant at the mall.
Jane Jetson at the mall.
At the spacelines.
Rockets ready to take off.
Flying to Robotopia.
Arriving at Robotopia.
Information booth on Robotopia.
Mr. Spacely's resort on Robotopia.
Inside the resort.
Exhibit room - is that a futuristic Indiana Jones?
Flying with your anti-grav belt!
They built a big wall on Robotopia to separate the north from the south. Donald Trump would be happy - because it's yuuuge!
Apparently, not everyone is happy about the wall.
Flying over the jungle
Cloud city?
A gatekeeper robot.
Looks like a futuristic arms build up!
Guard room.
Flying over the ocean.
In the jungle... The mighty jungle... The lions sleeps tonight...