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Katakis Reviews (Amiga)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Terrific graphics, good sound and great gameplay combine to make this one of the most compulsive shoot-em-ups to have appeared for a long time. Whenever you feel like some mindless blasting, this is the one to boot up.
Amiga Computing (May, 1989)
If you are looking for a game that needs fast reactions, that delivers a satisfying killing experience, that is the ultimate in sideways scrolling destruction, then look no further. Get a copy of Denaris, get that nose, and give those Alpha Centaurians some hot gamma rays.
Commodore User (Mar, 1989)
It is impossible to compare Amiga Denaris with the same game on the 64. What I can say is that it is another fantastic arcade shoot em up with all the vital additions essential for a great blast – hot graphics, a hot soundtrack coupled with neat sound effects. Denaris is very, very addictive. The number of levels and its toughness make it excellent value for money. Somehow, for me it does not quite match the playability of the 64 version. Still, that is no reason why 16 bit owners should turn down what is probably one of the finest Amiga shoot em ups to date.
The One (Mar, 1989)
The going is tough, but a generous stock of lives makes the going easier. On the minus side, the lack of restart positions on each level, means that death can be a little intrusive too, but thankfully there's no disk swapping once you've booted. Denaris is one of the most slick and professionally programmed games yet seen on the Amiga. It's got addictive gameplay, brilliant sonics and beautiful graphics... what more could you ask for?
Oh, but who am I to gripe about shallow fopperies like these on such a good-looking game? Graphically, Denaris is very smart, sporting some slick-looking spacecraft to torch and seven detailed backgrounds to fly over. Not is the in-game sound lacking, for your ears positively ring to a cacophony of blasting noises to keep your nerve endings raw and your trigger finger enraged! Ooh, getting a bit carried away there, but it is rather good in that department. The music isn't bad either, but I wasn't impressed by the end of game tune which sounded like the title theme to a BBC schools programme. It's probably not a good idea to compare Denaris with R-Type, because it is much more of a mindless blast, lacing R-Type's strategic position 'n' fry gameplay, which the real R-Type player lives for.
Power Play (Nov, 1988)
Fantastisch! Katakis ist zweifellos das bislang beste Action-Spiel für den Amiga. Mit der C 64-Version hat dieses Katakis allerdings nicht mehr viel zu tun. Das ist aber keinesfalls ein Nachteil, denn das "neue", verbesserte Katakis spielt sich wesentlich besser. Zum Beispiel die Kollisions-Abfrage: Während sie bei der C 64-Version zu pingelig war, kann das Raumschiff bei der Amiga-Umsetzung sogar Feinde oder den Hintergrund etwas berühren. Überhaupt ist das Spielkonzept bei Katakis-Amiga durchdachter und intelligenter als beim C 64 (wenn auch dem Automaten "R-Type" verflixt ähnlich). Die Extras kommen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt, der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist ideal (anfangs etwas leichter, später äußerst knifflig, aber immer super spielbar) und alle Sprites bewegen sich absolut ruckfrei. Endlich ein Programm, das würdig ist, auf dem Amiga gespielt zu werden.
While not quite as technically impressive as on the 64, Denaris still manages to be a superb shoot-'em up with all the trimmings. With the Amiga's potential, Rainbow Arts have created some wonderfully detailed regions to fly through, with varied and often highly original Guardians. The great gameplay leaves the others standing.
ST/Amiga Format (Apr, 1989)
There's been much controversy over Denaris' similarity to Activision's R-Type, and it's not unfounded. Denaris is almost identical to the R-Type arcade game. However, it's far superior to the ST conversion with better servings of well-defined graphics, smooth scrolling and a more sophisticated feel about the whole game. There's still an interminable wait between levels but the arcade action is as addictive as ever.
Retro Archives (Sep 30, 2018)
Katakis avait transcendé les capacités du Commodore 64, il sera parvenu à faire la même chose sur Amiga, au point d’en avoir fait un des plus grands exploits techniques de la machine jusqu’à la sortie de Shadow of the Beast. Devenu un jeu assez différent – mais plus proche que jamais de son modèle R-Type – le logiciel programmé par Factor 5 aura parfaitement pavé le chemin pour le portage officiel du titre d’Irem avec un plagiat éhonté mais néanmoins ludique, à condition que la difficulté ne vous effraie pas. Dommage que le mode deux joueurs ait disparu, en revanche.
70 (Dec, 2005)
Eine Sache möchte ich noch richtig stellen: die Stimmung bei dieser Weltraum-Ballerei ist einfach nur genial! Das permanente, metallisch klingende Summen im Hintergrund vermittelt das Gefühl einer ständigen Gefahr und sorgt für eine richtig bedrohliche und sehr dichte Atmosphäre. Das schafft selbst R-Type mit seinen melodischen Musikstücken nicht! Aus meiner Sicht eine Meisterleistung, die mal wieder eindrucksvoll beweist, dass weniger manchmal mehr sein kann.