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Keef nearly didn't receive a Golden Scroll due to its high difficulty factor. However, Keef is not the only game (many of the classics are notoriously difficult, initially) to suffer from this so I did not penalise it - be careful to save frequently, though. There can be no doubt that, in its first person perspective class, Keef is top (naughty) dog.
Amiga Format (Jan, 1990)
Keef the Thief becomes more intriguing the more you get into it. You want just one more romp through the jungle, or another five attempts at removing a trap. It is a simple and fun game. The actions you can choose from are few and only for the ones available to you are kindly highlighted. It is easy to pick and then chop and change. What more could you ask for as you slob in a chair, mouse in hand? An absorbing hack ‘n’ think game. Great in its simplicity and addiction and not too tough with the puzzles, but still full of ones of a ‘how-to-get-round-this?’ nature. A good laugh that will keep you engrossed for many slaughterhouse night.
Keef the Thief is a well crafted RPG which should offer hours of exploration and discovery. The whole game is shot through with humour, often in the form of insults and put-downs, which help to set and maintain a very enjoyable atmosphere. Its style is a nicely welded combination of traditional adventure and character building with plenty of flexibility to explore and try out new ideas.
Commodore User (Dec, 1989)
Keef The Thief is a typical example of the high quality of Electronic Arts’ RPGs. Keef contains lots of scope for exploration, puzzles, stacks of humour, great graphics and just about everything else you could want. With a very easy play method, I can heartily recommend this to any Bard’s Tale fan, or to just about anybody else who enjoys an amusing RPG. I just hope we do not have to wait too long before we see more from the programmers, who, aptly, are named Naughty Dog Inc.
Info (Jan, 1990)
The perspective and concept of Keef the Thief are aimed squarely at adolescent males (I don't mean merely teenagers, either). I wish there were such games written for the female point of view; girls like thieving and adventuring too, you know. Keef the Thief is rowdy and raunchy adventuring at its best.
Amiga Joker (Dec, 1989)
Keef the Thief ist ein ungeheuer lustiges Spiel, ständig trifft man in der mittelalterlichen Welt auf Anspielungen moderner Errungenschaften wie Camping oder Radio. Oder die Frauen: Egal, ob Prinzessin oder Kneipenwirtin, stets sind es verführerische Wesen mit sehr ansprechender Anatomie. Aber auch der Rest der Grafik verdient bewundernde Blicke - alle Bilder bestechen durch Farbenpracht und Detailreichtum! Dazu gibt‘s stimmungsvolle Melodien, die die tolle Atmosphäre noch weiter verdichten. Keef the Thief ist ein Game, das Einsteigern ebenso viel Freude macht wie gestandenen Dungeon-Masters.
Zzap! (Mar, 1990)
As in real life (is there any such thing?) you need to get enough sleep, keep your stamina up, and stay sober(?) to survive, while aiming to increase your strength, speed, constitution, and so on. Objects are never in the same place as the last game, and your character's attributes change with each new game. If you don't like what you're given, start again. Try to get high thieving skills, high hit points, and as much as possible. Keef the Thief certainly takes a lot of getting used to (and only being able to save one game position is odd) but if you're prepared to play 'n' save you'll slowly progress and eventually become addicted.
Amiga Action (Jan, 1991)
Keef bows to women in the street, and picks a pocket whenever he gets the chance. But Keef's greed has got the better of him and he is no longer content with the small takings of his victims.
Amiga Action (Feb, 1990)
The thing I enjoyed most about Keef the Thief was the unusual setting - it certainly makes a change from the usual boring adventure game scenarios. That said, as well as this novelty, there is a good game lurking there as well, meaning that, even when you stop laughing at the settings and humour, there is still a game to go back to. Keef is heartily recommended.
Enchanted Realms (Sep, 1990)
Keef has been executed well. It has good graphics and music, plus an interesting sense of humor. The magic spells will get a chuckle from even a hard-core adventurer. The mood the adventure creates is that you REALLY are Keef, a teenager that doesn't know his limitations. The documentation has been carefully prepared with a history of the area to draw upon on your quest. The only serious drawback is the failure to explain how to show items to other people. You have to double-click on the item itself instead of selecting "OK" when the requester appears. Electronic Arts has a winner with Keef the Thief. In this adventure, crime really does pay!
Zur Grafik muß gesagt werden, daß sie zwar im großen und ganzen gut ist, daß einige Bilder jedoch ziemlich amateurhaft, chaotisch und unkoordiniert wirken - man merkt, daß hier echte Freaks am Werk waren. Die Melodie, die während des Spielablaufes erklingt, ist allerdings wirklich originell komponiert und vermag es daher, den Zuhörer zu begeistern. Da eine Save-Option zum Abspeichern der Spielstände bei diesen Spielen generell üblich ist, soll sie hier nicht noch einmal hervorgehoben werden. Durch die relativ einfache Bedienung ist KEEF THE THIEF auch für Einsteiger und Neulinge geeignet, und wer ein humorvolles und dennoch etwas komplexeres Rollenspiel sucht, sollte sich dieses Programm ruhig einmal ansehen.
Amiga Computing (Feb, 1990)
The game is certainly challenging, especially creeping into empty houses and walking out with the booty without getting caught. I still haven't got the hang of combat and rarely survive an attack. I enjoyed Keef The Thief, but can see that my days as a tea-leaf are numbered.
Your Amiga (Jan, 1990)
Keef the Thief is a nice try that just doesn't make the grade. The graphics artist should do a course in drawing, and the designers should put in action instead of nonentity.
Bringt man hingegen die Engelsgeduld auf, im Kampf mit der mißratenen Steuerungstechnik nicht zu verzweifeln, winken zur Belohnung (englische) Texte, deren Humor so schwarz ist, daß er selbst im Dunkeln noch einen Schatten wirft! Und man höre und staune, in diesem Rollenspiel ist sogar richtig Musik drin; abgesehen von den vielen Gags dürfte die Soundbegleitung sogar das Beste an der tragikomischen Gaunerposse sein. Kurz und mittelschlecht: Wer ein anständiges Game mit einem richtigen Helden und einer vernünftigen Handhabung sucht, ist hier völlig verkehrt. Aber für passionierte Tagediebe gibt’s nunmal nichts Besseres...
(page 50)
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Excellent hack, slash and puzzle solving with some superb stylised graphics.
Power Play (Jan, 1990)
Ich finde es prima, daß ein paar Programmierer endlich mit etwas Humor an das Fantasy-Rollenspiel-Genre herangehen. Aber wenn das Spieldesign dabei dermaßen vernachlässigt wird wie bei Keef the Thief, bleibt einem das Lachen im Halse stecken. Mit nur einem Charakter bestreitet man das ganze Spiel; lediglich ein Spielstand kann gespeichert werden. Die Grafiken sind zum Teil sehr laienhaft gezeichnet (das miese Titelbild darf man als eine Art Warnung verstehen) und das chaotische Kampfsystem ist ein völliger Witz. Wer hier ein komplexes Rollenspiel im Stil von "Pool of Radiance" erwartet, fällt böse auf die Nase. Keef the Thief ist eher eine verunglückte Kreuzung aus Action-Adventure und Rollenspiel, die bestenfalls zehn Minuten Unterhaltungswert verspricht. Fazit: gut geeignet als Weihnachtsgeschenk für Erzfeinde.
Dragon (May, 1990)
Keef the Thief appeared to be one of the more interesting and entertaining games we've received for review. It's too bad the copy-protection method utilized mandates that it be put on our not-recommended list.