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Advertising Blurbs

PQ2 Computer DataBase:
    Travel with Rosella, the beautiful princess and heroine of King's Quest lV. Journey to a town far away. Search for the enchanted fruit that will restore life to her father and safely return her home. Meet creatures from ancient legend, from hideous ogres. Acquire treasures that are necessary to ensure your safety. Save Genesta from imminent death by destroying the evil Lolotte and returning the sacred talisman which once rested around her neck.

    Contributed by POMAH (62465) on Aug 13, 2003.

Advertisement in COMPUTE!'s PC Magazine, May 1989:
    "THE PHENOMENON CONTINUES." -The Signal Research Report

    Breaking the million copy barrier...that's the crowning point of a truly one-of-a-kind computer game. King's Quest, the ultimate graphic adventure series, heralds this upcoming milestone with the triumphant arrival of

    King's Quest IV - The Perils of Rosella

    Interactive fun for the whole family, King's Quest IV bridges the generation gap between young and old with its classic fantasy themes, vivid characterizations, and dramatic conflicts. Parents and children alike will be delighted as they become the lead character in a dramatic medieval fairy tale.

    The crown jewel of computer adventuring, King's Quest IV offers $500,000 in improvements to a multi-million dollar proprietary software development system, creating an entertainment experience far exceeding everyone's greatest expectations. A team of 13 programmers, developers and artists with over 11 man-years of work have produced the largest computer game in history, a whopping 5.5 megabytes of program code.

    Stunning graphics with double the resolution of previous versions, realistic day and night cycles, and enhanced animation offer the closest thing yet to a living motion picture on your computer screen. A theatrical experience for your personal computer, King's Quest IV offers a musical score unprecedented in computer entertainment software, a full 40 minutes of original music as composed by William Goldstein, a well-known Hollywood composer.

    Sierra tops it off with the magnum opus in computer game animation, a 10 minute full-length introductory cartoon that sets the stage for a climactic contest between good and evil. Prepare to test the power of your brain and your computer to the hilt with the most phenomenal adventure game in computer entertainment history.


    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Apr 07, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    (from the SCI version's box:)

    Be prepared for a spectacular adventure, three times larger than any previous Sierra adventure, a landmark in computer gaming that transcends existing standards of computer graphics, sound, and animation.

    Powerfully dramatic, King's Quest IV evokes emotion like no other computer game with a unique combination of lifelike animated personalities, beautiful landscapes, and soul-stirring music. Sierra has recreated the universe of King's Quest, a world that one moment will pull at your heartstrings, the next moment place terror in your heart. Uniting the best programmers, artists, and musicians in the business, Sierra has created a constantly evolving universe where landscapes change from day to night, characters roam freely, and dramatic music interludes tantalize your emotions in a complicated tale of faith and mistrust. Your quest begins with a full-length cartoon and proceeds to plunge you into a fantasy world of mystery, intrigue, and enough plot twists to confound even the most dedicated adventurer.

    Embark upon a perilous journey into the darkest corners of the King's Quest universe. Not one, but many successful quests must be completed to save the royal family from a tragic destiny. With a surprise introduction and an equally unexpected conclusion, plot twists abound as you strive to discover the mysteries of a strange land, overcome its hostile inhabitants, and reveal the secrets hidden therein.

    Roam the grounds at night and discover areas which remain hidden during daylight hours. Travel swiftly, as time is of the essence, and each moment brings the royal family closer to ruin.


    • Over 3.0 megabytes of computer code--the largest computer game ever produced!
    • A full-length cartoon introduction to the game (approximately 10 minutes running time)
    • Complete day and night cycle.
    • Several mini-quests to complete before the final quest can be finished.
    • Supports keyboard, mouse, and joystick.
    • 40 minutes of original music composed and performed by William Goldstein (Fame television series, Hello Again, a Touchstone film, Switched on Classics, a top record album).
    • Many strange and unusal places await your arrival.
    • Explore the countryside carefully (some things happen only at night!)
    • Encounter characters from ancient folklore and legend.

    Contributed by Andy Roark (268) on May 23, 1999.