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King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
The start of the intro.
Intro: King Graham is in trouble!
Intro: Graham's cap lies on the floor forgotten.
Intro: King Graham is gravely ill.
Start of the game. On a beach in the land of Tamir.
Walking along the countryside of Tamir.
The fisherman's home is in the distance.
The fisherman's home.
Inside of the fisherman's home.
On the dock.
On the island that holds Genesta's palace.
Walking in the garden of Genesta's palace.
Outside of Genesta's palace.
Inside of Genesta's palace.
A stairway in Genesta's palace.
Genesta's bedroom.
On the beach near Genesta's palace.
A swam swims in a pool in the garden of Genesta's palace.
I found a feather!
A stone bridge.
The frog turned into a prince!
A graveyard.
A spooky old house.
Inside the spooky old house.
Is that a picture of Roberta Williams on the wall?
In the kitchen of the spooky house.
More of the graveyard.
A waterfall.
Outside the dwarves' mine.
The dwarves' tree home.
Eating with the Seven Dwarves.
The dwarves' mines.
Deep in the dwarves' mine.
A musician sits on a log and plays a tune.
A pool with pillars.
Outside the orge's home.
You died... Roberta says thanks for playing though.
Swallowed by a whale!
A little island.
Jump through the swamp!
Woods at night.
Woods at night.
Shore at night.