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WalkthroughContributed by Katakis | カタキス (41056) on Mar 02, 2005.

King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

On a beautiful sunny day, King Graham decides to take a stroll in the woods. When he returns, he is shocked to discover that his castle disappeared, along with the entire royal family. An owl named Cedric told him that it was the evil wizard Mordack who used a powerful spell to make Castle Daventry disappear into thin air. Cedric introduces him to his friend Crispin, who agrees to help him rescue his family and deal with Mordack; and to assist him, he sends Cedric to help Graham along the way and to make sure he stays out of trouble.


In the disk version of King's Quest V, at certain situations (such as launching the boat on the hermit's beach), you may have to cast a series of spells; and all of this makes up the copy protection for this game. But instead of having you type a wood in from a certain page/paragraph, you have to match the on-screen symbols to the letters in the game's documentation, and then input the appropriate letters that make up that spell. The copy protection is omitted in the CD-ROM version.

You start outside Crispin's bungalow, which in the middle of a forest. Cedric suggests they visit the town first. There are paths to the south and west. If you spend too much time here, Cedric will urge you to hurry up. Take the path to the south. There is a snake blocking the path to the northeast. If you go anywhere near it, you will be killed. We have to deal with it later. Walk south to arrive at the town. Look around, then enter the town.

Three buildings line the cobblestone street, and you can enter all of them. There are people walking around and window-shopping. The alleyway to the north is blocked by someone fixing a wagon. There is a barrel to his left. Look inside and take the dead fish. Enter the building on the left, which is the tailor's shop. Look at the brown signs near the entrance to the buildings, from left to right. They read tailor, toys, and shoe shoppe. Enter the tailor's building.

The tailor, a young man, greets Graham as he enters. A rude customer is trying on clothes. A blue cloak is resting on a mannequin on the right. Talk to the tailor and he offers you a piece of cloth, which you don't need. Click the “hand” icon on the cloak and Graham will show his interest in it. Since you don't have any money to buy it, leave.

When you leave the building, you notice a glinting object near the wagon. Look at it to discover it is a silver coin. Pick it up. It won't be enough to buy that cloak, though. Enter the toy store. It is a family-owned business, consisting of the toymaker along with his son and granddaughter. The only thing of interest here is the sled hanging on the wall. Talk to the toymaker to show your gratitude, and try to take the sled and give him the silver coin. Like the cloak, it won't be enough to buy it. Maybe we can trade something for it. Leave the store and go to the shoe shoppe.

You will be greeted by a sad woman who tells you that there isn't any business here. The shoemaker is hammering on one of the shoes he just made, but it is going to take a long time. Talk to the woman, who says that their only hope is for someone to buy them out. Leave the store and the town. Now, walk west to arrive at the bakery, ten enter. Upon arrival, you see a woman and her son ordering one of the pies on the bench. When she leaves, the baker tells Graham that there is a special on custard pies, and they are one silver coin each. Great. Give him your only silver coin and leave.


Refrain from eating the custard pie. The game will be unwinnable if you decide to eat it.

Go west. There is an inn here, along with a barn and a haystack, as well as a path to the north. That haystack will be important later. Ignore the inn for now and continue west. There is a bear disturbing a bee hive in the old, rotting tree. Since this is a King's Quest games, it is our nature to help animals. Throw it the fish and he will leave them alone. The queen thanks you and offers you a piece of honeycomb. Reach into the bee hive to retrieve it, then get the stick on the ground.

Go north. There is an ant hill among some bushes. The dog is terrorizing the ant hill, while the ants scurry about. Throw the stick we just picked up at the dog, and it will leave the ants alone. The king thanks you and offers their assistance sometime in the near future. Walk east from here to arrive at a gnome's hideout. Look around. Look at the gnomes, then talk to the one on the right to inquire about the marionette. He is the unfriendly type, and it also looks like they won't part with the marionette his grandson is playing with. Maybe we could trade something for it. Go north.

There is a prince sitting on the log. Talk to him and Graham learns that he is looking desperately for his fiancée. She just disappeared, and he thinks that the witch from the Dark Forest has something to do with it. Head north. This is the entrance to the Dark Forest, and there is a warning sign to boot. Walk west from here to arrive at a small pond. The major thing to notice here is the willow tree who is playing her harp and crying into the pond. Talk to Cedric and he says that we should cheer it up.


Users who have the CD-ROM version are treated to a song composed by Roberta Williams herself.

Talk to the weeping willow, who tells Graham that she is actually a princess whose heart has been stolen by the witch in the Dark Forest because her fiancé refused to give in to the witch's charms and turned her into a tree. Continue heading west to arrive at a gypsy caravan. There is an ox munching on grass to its left and a fire in the center, in which a pot of food rests. A man guards the entrance to the fortune teller. Try to walk near the entrance and the man blocks your path, demanding a gold coin. We don't have anything like that. Continue west.


This is the entrance to the desert. If you go far enough west or far enough south, you'll end up in endless desert; and you can survive about eight screens before Graham dies of thirst. The game will warn you when this is going to happen. The only ways to survive the desert is to find oases scattered throughout the desert and drink from them. Furthermore, make a map (especially if you are venturing through the desert the first time) and save the game in increments.

Go west (x4) and south (x2) to arrive at an oasis. Drink from it, then go south and west (x2) and you see one of the unfortunate souls that wasn't able to survive the desert. Take the old boot near his remains. Now, head west and keep going north until you reach the hole in the cliff, where you can see a temple in the huge hole in the cliffs. You can drink the water from the small pool next to it. Shortly, two bandits riding horses will approach the temple, and they will kill Graham if he is seen. Quickly hide behind the big rock to the left of the pool (Graham's head should not be showing) and wait around as the bandits access the temple by using their staff to knock on the door, saying their magic word in the process.

After they ride away, drink from the pool again and go west (x2) and south (x3) to get to another oasis. There is water flowing into a pool from a rock. Go south (x3) and west to arrive at the bandit's camp. There are two tents here with a camel and three horses parked out front. It looks like there is a party going on in the bigger one (belly dancer and all). A drunken bandit comes out and decides to take a nap in the sand, next to the campfire and a jug.


Do not, under any circumstances, enter the bigger tent. If Graham tries to enter it, a bandit will come out and stab him.

Enter the smaller tent. One of the bandits we saw earlier is fast asleep on a rug, and the staff is laying against the wall. Walk carefully around the bandit and grab it. Leave the tent and drink from the jug. Walk east and north (x3) back to the oasis. Drink the water, then go north until you get to the rocks, then go east (x2) back to the hole in the cliffs. Drink from the pond, then go north to the temple entrance. Here, use the staff on the temple door. Graham uses it to knock, says the magic word, and then breaks the staff. The temple door will open, and Graham is allowed to continue into it. There is a pile of treasure everywhere, and a bottle sits next to the entrance with a gold coin next to it. The treasure is useless, but take both the bottle and the coin.


You have about ten seconds to look around and take the required items before the temple door is sealed and Graham is trapped inside forever.

Quickly leave the temple and go east until you arrive back at the gypsy caravan. Give the gold coin to the man sitting near the entrance of the caravan, and Graham is allowed to see the fortune teller. Inside, Graham learns the reason why Mordack kidnapped his family to get revenge on Alexander to get revenge on Alexander for turning his brother Manannan into a cat in King's Quest III. He also wants Alexander to turn him back into a wizard, but Alexander doesn't know how to do this. If he doesn't comply, then Mordack is threatening to feed his family to Manannan. The fortune teller predicts that the way forward for Graham will be dangerous, and gives him an amulet that will protect him from anything dangerous – including the witch.

Outside, wear the amulet then go east (x2) to the entrance to the Dark Forest. Go inside to arrive at the crossroads with paths leading northeast and northwest. The huge number of toads seen hopping around are the unlucky souls that have ventured inside the Dark Forest and encountered the witch who turned them into what they are now.


To survive the Dark Forest, you must wear the amulet. With the exception of the first screen, the witch will appear; and even if you make it to her hideout, she will appear in front of it and you definitely won't last longer.


Once you leave the crossroads via the northwest or northeast exits, you cannot leave the way you came in. You must seek help from someone after exploring the witch's house.

Take the northeast path. Go north then west past the tree with the small door in it. This is the witch's dwelling. The place looks uninviting. A dangerous bridge leads up to the entrance. The witch appears and defends the bridge. She sends a spell Graham's way. It hits him but nothing happens. Talk to the witch. Show the genie bottle to the witch, who opens it and gets trapped in there for five hundred years. Now you can go inside the house. Open the small drawer located at the base of the tree and get the leather pouch inside. There is something glinting in the burner hanging from one of the tree's branches. Use the hand icon on it and you will get a small key. Open the chest on the right wall and take the spinning wheel. You don't need anything else here, so eave.

Go back the way you came, stopping at the tree with the small door earlier. Open it with the key and get the gold heart belonging to the weeping willow. Go south and try to get back to the crossroads from here. Eventually, you'll notice that the scenery changes. The witch is right; Graham is stuck in the forest with no hope of escape. Go west to arrive on a screen with a path leading northwest. Go along this path.

There is a path leading east, and in the background, Graham can see three pairs of eyes watching him. In inventory, open the pouch to find three emeralds. Lure whoever is watching you out by throwing an emerald on the ground. Turns out that Graham is being watched by elves, and one of them goes out to collect the emerald then goes back into the forest. Do it again, and the same thing happens. The elf is bit too quick for Graham to catch. Maybe if we slow it down, and what better way to do it than by pouring the honeycomb onto the ground and placing your last emerald in it.

The elf falls for it. After Graham picks him up, the elf will offer to show Graham the way out of the Dark Forest if he lets him go. When the elf goes west off screen, follow him through an underground tunnel where the elf will give you a nice pair of shoes. With that, Graham leaves the elf's mining colony (so to speak) and ends up back at the entrance to the Dark Forest.

Now that we have the gold heart, we can go one screen west and give it to the willow. Without so much as a thank you, she is transformed back into a princess and summons her prince, and the two of them leave. Take the harp she threw away and go west. The fortune teller has moved on, but a tambourine has been left behind. Take it. Now, go south and east back to the gnome's hideout. Give the spinning wheel to granddad and he will give you his son's marionette.

Go south to the inn and search the haystack. King Antony and his minions will march out and give Graham a golden needle. Go east and walk right past the inn. You will see a rat running cross the screen, being chased by the baker's cat. Throw your shoe at the cat before it is able to get the rat. The rat decides to thank you and will offer her help in the future.


The cat and rat will not show up until after you get the old boot from the desert, and this is your only chance to save the rat. If you miss out the first time, they will never come back and the game will be unwinnable.

Go east and enter the town. Go into the tailor's shop and give the man the golden needle and Graham will finally get the cloak. Now leave the store and enter the toy shop. Give the toymaker the marionette to be given the sled. At the shoe shoppe, give the boots to the old woman. The owners retire, but not before the cobbler gives you his hammer. You're done with this town. Leave it and return to the inn.

Go inside the building and talk to the owner. The owner is rather unfriendly toward Graham and orders his patrons to “rub him out”. He is then tied up in the cellar. Fortunately, the rat we saved earlier comes out of her hole and unties Graham. After she disappears back through it, take the rope from the ground. The way out is locked, so use the hammer on the door to break the lock. Open the door to arrive in the kitchen. The only thing of interest here is the cupboard on the far wall. Open it and take the leg of lamb. There is a door to the east. Do not go through it. Leave the inn through the side door. Go north and east (x2) back to the snake. Now use the tambourine on the snake to frighten it away. You can then proceed along the path.

A few hours later, Graham arrives in the mountains. Wear the cloak and proceed along the path until you reach a frozen waterfall blocking Graham's progress. Look near the upper ledge. There is a tree branch protruding from a rock on the left, and a rock overhang to the right of it. Use the rope on the ladder to climb up to the higher ledge. By this time, you should get a message saying that Graham needs to eat. If this happens, eat the leg of lamb, not the custard pie. In the center of the screen are five rock outcroppings, and you need to use the hand icon to navigate over them. Certain outcroppings break under Graham's weight.


Once you get to the other side of thus screen, Graham cannot go back the way he came. Therefore, before proceeding any further, make sure you have the following items: Crispin's wand, tambourine, the remaining leg or lamb, custard pie, the beeswax left over from the honeycomb, cobbler's hammer, and harp. You will need all these items to complete the game.

Start by jumping on the three ones at the back, then from where you end up, jump to the outcropping to the southeast, then just go right. Cross the log and proceed right. You will get to a marvelous view of the other mountains where you and Cedric are ambushed by a wolf, who grabs Cedric and slides down the slope. Use the sled on the slope to go down it and crash-land on the other side of the next screen. Go east and look around. There is an ice castle and an eagle perched on the rock to the right. The eagle looks starving. Talk to the eagle, then give it the remaining leg of lamb. He devours it down, thanks you, then flies off. Head toward the entrance to the castle.


Fail to feed the eagle, and the game will be unwinnable.

Two wolves will escort you inside. There, The Ice Queen addresses you and sends her wolves to kill you and Cedric for trespassing. You have a short amount of time to play the harp to play a lovely tune that will melt Queen Icebella's heart, and consider to let you go if you get rid of the yeti that has inhabited her crystal cave. Sir Greywolf will take you there. Follow the path to arrive outside the cave, and sure enough, the yeti make his appearance. Throw the custard pie at him before he gets close to Graham and it will go over the edge of the cliff.

Now, enter the cave and look around. Graham is in heaven; they are crystals everywhere, and they are accompanied by a nice, green waterfall. The crystal in the middle stands out. Break it free with the cobbler's hammer and take it. Leave and go back to the wolf, who will take you back to Queen Icebella. She knows that Graham is looking for Mordack and wishes him luck. She also releases Cedric and tells Sir Greywolf to show you the way out of the mountains, which happens to be in the direction of the crystal cave.

The wolf blocks the path back to the Ice Queen, so the way way to go is south. You are presented with a top-down view of a path leading to a small pool where a shadow of a large bird is seen flying overhead. Carefully walk toward the pool and a roc will swoop down, capture Graham, and bring him to its nest. There, you only have a few seconds to notice the glinting object to your south and take the golden locket before the baby rocs hatch and cause trouble. Fortunately, the eagle we fed earlier comes to the rescue and deposits you on a nearby beach. Graham also lost his cloak but he no longer needs it.

There is a small boat near a waterfall in the distance, and we will need to use it. So, go north to reach it. There is a hole in the boat, so use the beeswax on the boat to cover it up. Push the boat, and Graham will automatically hop in and sail out to sea. Sail east (x3) then south. (Going in any other direction will result in death.) Graham will arrive at an island, but when he makes it to shore, he and Cedric are kidnapped by winged creatures known as Harpies. While they are arguing about what to do with Graham, play the harp. One harpy grabs it and flies away, while the others get jealous and fly off after her.

When Graham is alone again, take the small glinting object to its left. This is a fish hook, and it is something we need much later in the game. Go west to see a wounded Cedric lying on the path. Pick him up. Notice how Graham carries him in his arms; he doesn't stuff him in his pocket. Continue along the path to get back to the beach. Take the conch shell, the small glint to Graham's left and get back in your boat. Sail west until you end up at a shack that looks like an overturned boat with a door built into it.

Ring the doorbell to its right. The occupant comes out and Graham asks him for information, only to find out that he is death. Give him the conch shell to help him hear. Graham will ask him to help Cedric, as well as information regarding the whereabouts to Mordack's Island. Outside, the hermit summons a mermaid that will take Graham there. Once you arrive on the shore of the creepy-looking Island, get the dead fish on the ground and climb up the steps.

Walk up the path to arrive near two stone servants on either side of the path. If you just walk by them, lightning bolts will come out of their eyes and kill Graham. Instead, use the crystal on them. The bolts will come out of the eyes, but Graham holds up the crystal which emits two charges at the eyes, and the serpents are destroyed.

Continue along the path to arrive at the front door to the castle, but the way to it is blocked by a chasm, and you have no way of crossing it. Fortunately, there is a path going off to the left. Climb down the nearby stairs and walk along this path to arrive at a dead end – with a rusted grate built into the platform Graham is standing on. Use the crowbar to pry it open and enter the maze.


And now, A note about the maze. Although the maze itself is not that huge, it can be quite confusing since the perspective will always follow your direction of movement. For example, if Graham goes south, then on the next screen he will be facing north, then south will be forward. Likewise, if you decide to go west, Graham is actually going east. For the purposes of this walkthrough, normal directions will be given.

There are two things that we need from this maze. From where you dropped down, go south, west, north, west, east, west, east, west, north, east, west. You will come across a large, gray creature called Dink, who can be found in other locations around this maze, not just this one. He has a hairpin on top of his head. If Graham walks too close to him, Dink will cuddle him to death. Give him the tambourine, and he will dance, jump up in the air, then leave. And in the process, he will drop the hairpin on the floor, which you need to get.

Go south, east, north (x2), east. Graham will arrive at a locked door. Anyone who has seen a movie will know that doors can be unlocked with hairpins, so what are you waiting for? Sure enough, the door opens and Graham will arrive in the castle's supply room. Nothing of interest here except the cupboard to your left. Open the cupboard and take the bag of peas inside. Enter the doorway to your north to arrive at the kitchen. There is a young girl scrubbing the floor. Have Graham talk to her and she will cower in the corner.

Give her the golden locket to prove that you are not “one of them”. (If you open the locket in inventory, you'll know why this item is important to her.) You learn that her name is Princess Cassima from the Kingdom of the Green Isles, and she was approached by Mordack who wanted to marry her. When she refused, she was taken to his castle and forced to be a slave in the kitchen. And she will continue to do so until he accepts his proposal. Poor girl. Talk to her some more. When she goes back to walk, save the game and walk east.


From here on out, there are two dangers that you need to be on the lookout for, and one of them is Manannan (still in its cat form). There is a chance that he will show up in one of the rooms Graham enters. If he does, he will spot him and will warn Mordack of your presence. Mordack will then arrive shortly to kill Graham. Once you see Manannan, there is no way to turn back without being spotted. It is a good idea to save before you leave each room, and in different slots so you can alternate between them. Also, there is a blue creature roaming about the castle, and we need to deal with him first before we can deal with the cat.

Graham will arrive in a room with a pipe organ and two statues on either side. Do not play the organ (unless you want Mordack to be alerted to your presence). Continue walking east. Walk back and forth between these rooms until a blue creature appears. Allow yourself to be captured and it will open up a portal that leads to a dungeon, and then throw Graham in it. The dungeon looks so unimpressive. The first thing you see is a mouse scurrying to its hideout in the back wall.

Cassima will push a block and allow Graham to escape through it. Look inside the mouse hole to see a piece of cheese inside, then use the fish hook to get it. Now, crawl through the hole (click the hand icon on it) and follow Cassima through the maze and to the wooden door which leads you back to the supply room.


If you didn't befriend Cassima or allowed yourself to be captured by that blue thing a second time, you will be trapped in the dungeon, with no means of escape.

Go north to the kitchen, east until you get to Mordack's dining room, and go south. Again, walk between here and the surrounding rooms until that blue thing appears. When he does this time, throw the bag of peas at him. He will trip over the peas and fall onto the floor. Go through the left doorway, and then upstairs. Go through the left doorway and you will end up in Mordack's bedroom. His bedroom is almost as creepy as every room in the castle. Go south to the library and read the big tomb on the table. This is important, as you need to look at the four spells in order to complete the game. Although the game gives you a short amount of time to examine them, they are (reading clockwise): tiger, mongoose, rain clouds, rabbit.


If you see Manannan in any of the rooms, you must throw the dead fish at it, and while the cat is eating it, bag him. You can complete the game without doing this, but you won't score full points.

The only thing you can do here is wait until you see Mordack going to sleep in the distance. As soon as he does, enter the bedroom again and take his wand from his bedside table. Now, leave the bedroom and go through the doorway on the other side of the room to arrive in Mordack's lab. It is full of contraptions and other magic stuff; as Cassima said, Graham's family is imprisoned inside a glass bottle. That glass jar is on the bench near the south wall. The only other thing of interest in the lab is the gizmo located on top of the stairs, near the window. Go up there and take a look.

It looks hideous. It is a power-transferring machine, complete with platters that wands can be placed on. If you look in inventory, you notice that Mordack's wand is sparkling, meaning that it still has energy. We can't use his wand since Crispin said that wands only respond to their owner. Therefore, we need to transfer the energy out of Mordack's wand and into Crispin's wand. The way to do this is to place both wands on the platters, and then use the piece of cheese on the base of the machine. We need to do this quickly before you are busted.

After you watch the light show in which Crispin's wand gets energized, Mordack appears and catches Graham fooling around with the machine and attempts to use the wand to zap Graham out of existence, but he realizes that his own wand has little energy, enough to kill Cedric who flies in through the open window. Enraged, Mordack transforms himself into a flying insect and attacks Graham. Use Mordack's wand on it. The same four spells that we saw in the tomb will appear, and you have to select one of them. Select the tiger spell and click OK.

Graham will transform himself into a tiger and leap down from the balcony. Mordack will then turn himself into a dragon. Use the same wand on Mordack and turn yourself into a rabbit. Mordack will launch fireballs at Graham, who dodges them. Mordack will then turn himself into a poisonous snake, so transform yourself into a mongoose to avoid being bitten. Finally, Mordack will turn into a ring of fire that surrounds Graham. Two can play that game. Use the rain cloud spell on Mordack and he will be defeated.

After Graham unsuccessfully uses the wand to rescue his family and castle from imprisonment, Crispin does it for him, waving his wand to first release his family, then the castle. After Graham introduces Cassima to his family, Crispin also brings Cedric back to life, and uses his wand once again to transport Cassima and Graham's family back where they came from.

Congratulations! You have completed King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.

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