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King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Sierra logo
Title screen
The opening sequence
Cedric saw the castle disappear
Starting the game
There is a weeping willow with a harp here
Entering a town
Entering the desert, be careful!
A forest path.
In a village.
Talking to a man with a broken wagon.
In the tailor's shop.
The control menu.
In the toy shop.
In the shoe shop.
The bakery.
Inside the bakery.
Outside of the inn.
Inside the inn.
The bandits at the inn tied me up, and threw me down in the basement!
Near a tree with a bee hive.
The desert.
A cool drink in the desert is just what Graham needs right now.
A desert camp.
That dog is bothering the ants.
The gypsy wagon.
That sign means what it says.
A path in the dark forest.
What's that young man upset about?
The gnomes house.
A help screen.
The evil witch is locked in a safe place, now how do I find the exit?
The underground passage with some interesting paleontological details
While the 32-color Amiga version usually doesn't look as good as PC's VGA, the mountains really look interesting in this reduced color palette.
Graham's private harp concert for Queen Icebella and her wolves...
The harpy island
Graham and Cedric are approaching Mordack's island - as always, Cedric's warning will come when there is little left to do...
The castle entrance - of course Graham can't just ring and say "Sorry, Mordack, but I believe you have borrowed something without asking"... ;)
Graham is learning some useful spells.