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King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen.
Intro: Prince Alexander is sad that he can't find Cassima.
Intro: The magic mirror comes through again.
Intro: Prince Alexander tells his mother the news.
Intro: Prince Alexander sets sail to find Cassima.
Intro: Prince Alexander on the ship.
Intro: Land ho!
Intro: A tragic storm hits...
The start of the game. Prince Alexander has been shipwrecked on this island.
A fork in the road.
Outside of the castle.
The side of the castle.
A village.
Talking to a street peddler.
Inside the pawn shop.
Outside where Cinderella lives.
Inside the book store.
An old ship is here.
Meeting the local despot.
Talking with the ferryman.
The Isle of Wonder is guarded by these bozos.
Pretty landscape.
Nice scenery on this isle.
Cliffs of Logic.
The entrance to the catacombs.
Inside the catacombs.
In a swamp.
The Isle of Wonder is sure a strange place...
Two knights guard Chessboard Land.
There's a lot of books here.
Some pretty scenery.
A nice garden.
A hallway.
Sneaking around the castle.
Have fun storming the castle!
Stop the wedding!