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Knights of the Crystallion Reviews (Amiga)

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Micro News (May, 1990)
Un subtil mélange d'économie et d'action agrémenté d'un gros zeste d'aventure.
CU Amiga (Mar, 1990)
I do not think a game has made such an impression on me before. The graphics and the ideas behind them are really amazing. A combination of digitised backdrops, and carefully hi-res pictures have to be seen moving to be appreciated. Musically KOTC is something else. Knights Of The Crystallion is an experience in itself. A not to be missed game which was designed just for the Amiga, and gives more than a whiff of what the machine is truly capable of.
Knights of the Crystallion certainly gets full marks for originality. The distinctive (and at times beautiful) graphics and the haunting soundtrack give the game plenty of atmosphere. I wasn't too sure how I felt about this product at first, but having spent some time getting used to the individual elements it turned out to be a highly entertaining and absorbing piece of software, and I was quite sorry to have to leave it to write this review. A startling game which will appeal to anybody who is looking for an original product with plenty of depth.
Zero (Apr, 1990)
A beautifully presented atmospheric fantasy adventure game that will keep tippers and mappers happy.
Amiga Format (Apr, 1990)
Not many games use HAM mode to portray the action, so at first sight it may seem that US Gold are just going for a gimmick. Even if this is the case, Knights of the Crystallian has enough depth and gameplay to stand up as a decent game in its own right. Sure, the beautiful graphics and haunting sound don't hinder things any, but there is much more enjoyment to be had playing Crystallion than simply watching a demonstration of the Amiga's capabilities; a fact that role-players adventurers and even arcade adventure fans will appreciate once they play for themselves.
Génération 4 (Apr, 1990)
Sur le plan de la réalisation, Knights Of The Crystallion mérite tous les honneurs. Les graphismes, d'un style assez nouveaux, sont très réussis et haut en couleur (dans l'épreuve du Proda, les dégradés utilisent les 4096 couleurs de l'Amiga), l'animation des personnages est de toute beauté et les musiques comme les bruitages sont exceptionnels. Un sans faute sur tous les points !
The graphics create a suitably mystical atmosphere but the most striking thing about Knights Of The Crystallion is the combination of music and sound effects: a unique Middle-Easternish soundtrack is randomly generated for every game. If you're looking for state-of-the-art original Amiga software, this is the place to start.
The One (Apr, 1990)
Despite the raw and unusual graphics, wandering through endless interconnecting passages lobbing fireballs does have a limited amount of appeal. As for the sense of another culture - two minutes listening to the amazing soundtrack, randomly generated every time (and there's a further cassette included), is enough to convince you that you are in another world. Highly recommended.
Zzap! (Apr, 1990)
I think I know why this has such a bizarre scenario: it was the only thing which could possibly link together such diverse subgames. And, imaginative as it is, it still fails to really make the vastly different sections gel into one complete game. Nevertheless I was impressed by the very classy presentation with every-changing, atmospheric music. 'Carling Black Label'-sounding sampled speech, and plenty of pretty pictures to ogle (although these do suffer in definition due to use of the HAM mode). All the subgames are fairly playable - I particularly enjoyed thrashing Robin at the Bosu boardgame, even though I hadn't a clue what I was doing! Overall, Knights has plenty of originality, variety, and a big challenge, although it isn't quite the mega-game it could have been.
Knights of the Crystallion is a very presentable game, utilising excellent graphic backdrops with atmospheric sound that includes superb digitised speech. However, the game does suffer from the perennial problem familiar with this particular form of game design. The many parts have difficulty hanging together so my impression was of playing a compilation of mini-games rather than taking part in a 'culture' (as US Gold put it). I found that, while Bosu and The Proda where quite addictive, the economic game is rather average and I quickly became bored with Deketa. Also, the platform, maze game tacks sufficient depth to be totally addictive. While Knights has selective highlights, the overall game is rather empty.
Amiga Joker (Apr, 1990)
Auf den ersten Blick mutet diese „Spielesammlung“ etwas konfus und zusammenhanglos an, doch nach einer gewissen Eingewöhnungszeit kommt man sehr gut mit allem klar: Die grundverschiedenen Einzelteile fügen sieh dann zu einem logischen und unterhaltsamen Puzzle zusammen. Fazit: Endlich mal eine wirklich neue und ausbaufähige Spielidee — hoffen wir, daß noch mehr dieser „Kultursimulationen“ auf uns zukommen!
Power Play (Apr, 1990)
Nach dem Motto “Alle Spiele sind schon da“ bieten die einzelnen Programmteile eigentlich für jeden etwas. Die ungewöhnliche Aufmachung (zum Teil recht schnieke HAM-Grafik und ein glänzender Stereo-Soundtrack) macht einen einladenden Eindruck. Eine ganze Weile seid Ihr damit beschäftigt, die einzelnen Sub-Spiele zu erforschen. Hat man sie gemeistert, stehen die Tsimit-Expeditionen im Mittelpunkt. Einmal durchgespielt, verliert das Programm merklich an Reiz. Angesichts des saftigen Preises wird langfristig etwas wenig geboten, aber das spielerische Konzept ist interessant; also ruhig mal anspielen.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
HAM mode graphics, haunting sound and a real game to boot, though not one to simply load and go. One for fans of every genre, and a good demonstration of the machine's capabilities
Info (Dec, 1991)
Knights of the Crystallion is a rarity, an Amiga game done in HAM mode. It's also very strange. There's a scenario about completing a series of tasks in order to put together a Crystallion, a mythical creature that's a kind of cross between Pegasus and the dragons in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Only those who are able to complete a series of tests and challenges can form a bond with the beasts and become a part of the ruling class. Once you get past that, you're presented with six very diverse and very alien games. The biggest risks in inventing games out of whole cloth are first, making them comprehensible, and second, giving them sustained playability. Some sections of Knights of the Crystallion are successful, but others don't quite come off, and because of them, the overall game lacks unity. This is not to say that the game isn't worth playing; it is a curious experience and not without its own peculiar allure.
Fazit: KOC ist eine Art von „Sampler“, der mehrere Spiele in einem beinhaltet. All‘ diese Untergames wurden von US GOLD zu einem Ganzen zusammengeschmolzen und - siehe oben! - mit ‘nem dicken, aber letztlich „dünnen“ Handbuch versehen. Die Backgrounds im Höhlensystem von Tsimit erinnerten mich doch stark an Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde, ein wasserfarbenes, digitalisiertes Etwas, ohne Pep und Verstand. Die einzelnen kleinen Mühle- oder Memory-Gameleins sind zwar ganz nett, aber eigentlich nur der „mystische Sound“ kann beeindrucken. Wenig Spiel fürs Geld!
The diverse yet interlocking segments of Knights of the Crystallion have been well-balanced and orchestrated so that the result is enjoyable. Certain moments, however, such as the ordeal with the crystals, have led this reviewer to wonder what European publishers fear to lose should someone (heaven forbid!) actually win one of their games.