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The Kristal Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen.
Introduction: A galaxy.
Introduction: Stars.
Introduction: The planet.
Start of the game.
Strange alien plants.
Near a door.
Walking around.
This looks like some kind of marketplace.
A garden.
A character talks to you.
Robot Guards.
There are teleport platforms here.
Another character.
A stone wall.
Standing before a door.
Wise Man... Or is that a Wise Guy? Hmmm...
You must find - THE KRISTAL OF KRONOS (Hence the name of the game!)
Love at first sight with the princess.
Cruising through space.
Approaching a planet.
Docking your ship.
Planet landscape.
Pirate town.
Spare some skringles?
A nod to StarWars...
The princess has been kidnapped!
A sword fight.
Ruins on a planet.
Oh, yeah? Well, you fight like a dairy farmer!
Encountering a hostile alien.
Jungle world.
There's some interesting artwork in this game.
I found a notebook!