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Larn Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro screen.
Starting equipment is a dagger and leather armor. You start in the wilderness with various locations nearby.
Visiting the trading post to sell items.
At home, you are informed that you must find a rare potion to save your daughter's life.
Entering the dungeon for the first time.
Found a chest. Chests can be locked or trapped.
Traps like this arrow are a constant danger in addition to the monsters.
Visiting the tax man back in the wilderness.
The game can be very specific about commands, here I am wielding some studded leather armor as a weapon rather than properly wearing it.
Shopping for new gear after gathering gold in the dungeon.
Exploring level one, I found a potion that increases charm. Some potions can be helpful while others will injure or confuse you.
Getting some training.
The various monsters you can encounter.