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Amiga Action (Oct, 1991)
The first thing we should get out of the way is that Last Ninja II (the bad game) was released by Activision, Ninja 3 (the good game) is being released by System 3 so it's going to be good. The game itself looks and feels like a true 16-bit product and it has been updated quite a bit from C64 version. The graphics are amazing and some of the best seen to date, with the sound enhancing the already excellent atmosphere of the game. Be you a beat'em-up fan or an arcade-adventurer make sure you get Ninja 3.
Datormagazin (Nov, 1991)
Om man inte träffat Last Ninja innan, men söker något som ligger mellan ett standard beat 'em up och ett äventyrsspel a la Sierra har du definitivt hittat rätt.
True, there's nothing here which you haven't seen before - and as a graphic adventure, the Last Ninja series has long since been superseded by the likes of Delphine's Cinematique games. What it does have though, is a classic style which almost makes it a genre of its own. There's plenty here for fans of the series and newcomers too, but let's hope that System 3 keeps its word make makes this the swansong of the whole Last Ninja series.
Zero (Nov, 1991)
(...) Last Ninja 3 is a game that you can really get stuck into, with loads of places to go and things to do. It should take a good while to complete - a real five-course meal of a game, with the starter being the atmospheric opening sequence...
Amiga Computing (Oct, 1991)
Sound is nothing special and you may find that the tune will soon annoy anyone in the area who isn't playing, but some bone-crunching contact effects go some way to make up for it. But this game is more about gameplay than mind-blowing graphics, and these are more than adequate. It has action and brain-teasing by the bucket-load. Well worth a look.
CU Amiga (Oct, 1991)
The idea behind Ninja 3 is old, but the execution, graphics, and sound are all impressive enough to make the game extremely attractive and playable. Just like the movies that inspired it, this game lacks the blood but has the thunder to make it excellent.
Amiga Format (Dec, 1991)
The last word in System 3's long-running oriental saga is the best. The graphics, sound and varied gameplay ensures Armakuni goes out on a high note. Long disk access and the occasionally obscured hero mar the game, introducing frustrations to an already tough game, but these are not fatal flaws. A major challenge which the determined will enjoy, but the easily irritated should steer well clear.
Amiga Power (Nov, 1991)
It'll sell a lot of copies, and there's a lot to be said in its favour, but to be honest it doesn't do very much for the Amiga Power team at all. For everyone who isn't like us though, it's probably worth...
Gegner warten in nahezu jeder Szene, dazu gibt’s kleinere Rätsel und versteckte Gegenstände. Es mangelt dem Spiel jedoch nicht nur an kürzeren Ladezeiten, weit nerviger sind die hektischen Kampfsequenzen mit einer schwer durchschaubaren Steuerung. Ein Spiel für Fans.
Power Play (Mar, 1992)
Grafik und Sound wurden zwar den Fähigkeiten des Amigas angepaßt, hauen aber keinen Chinamann vom Teller. Nur für Joystick-Künstler.
Amiga Joker (Nov, 1991)
Wenn eine Company praktisch dreimal dasselbe Spiel veröffentlicht, dann sind Ermüdungserscheinungen vorprogrammiert – egal, ob sich darunter C 64-Klassiker befinden oder nicht. Und wenn dann auch noch bei Konvertierung geschludert wird, braucht sich niemand zu wundern, wenn sich bald auch der ausdauerndste Schattenkrieger gelangweilt abwendet...

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