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The One Amiga (Dec, 1992)
As a game Legends is beautifully structured, so that as the player grows in experience and power new tasks and different areas of the gameworld are slowly revealed, ensuring that the player is constantly being presented with fresh challenges and surprises. It's all a little bewildering at first (but then which RPG isn't?), but there are plenty of heavy hints provided by the people you meet as to what you should do and where you should go next so you never feel that lost. Legends Is nothing short of a revolution in computer role -playing, and has become the standard by which future additions to the RPG genre will be judged.
Amiga Format (Mar, 1993)
Superb looking game with a really flexible 3D environment. Plenty to do and see, even after all the tasks have been completed. Utterly stark-staring mad. Made in the old Chubb building in Wolverhampton. Whole little world unto itself. Cloud cuckooland incarnate.
CU Amiga (Jan, 1993)
I won't beat around the bush - Legends of Valour has knocked me out. This game is one that'll keep me playing to the end. At the moment I'm considering moving Christmas to April just so it doesn't get in the way of this game. If you don't own a copy, then get one. Otherwise, get rid of your Amiga. You obviously don't want to put it to good use.
Amiga Power (Mar, 1993)
Incredibly complex texture mapping, clever interwoven plot construction, and not a statistic or dice roll in sight. The Amiga RPG comes of age. This is the only Amiga role-playing game you need to remember. On a standard Amiga the texture mapping can be painfully slow (at anything other than postage stamp size), the sound is underused, the fighting is a real disappointment, and – despite the graphic style – it still won’t attract the arcade crowd. It is just one more reason to buy an A1200 (and a hard drive). And do not even bother playing it with just a single disk drive. Oh, and the price is well over the top. Since when did Amiga games cost forty quid? Fact: This is the best role playing adventure game around on the Amiga. A few decidedly non-user friendly bits and a hefty price tag aside, Valour is a real success. Not all RPG fans are going to like its fresh approach, but this is just about as advanced as it gets on the Amiga.
Amiga Joker (Jan, 1993)
Nein, der Hammer hängt hier eindeutig in der technischen Abteilung und da ganz klar im Grafik-Sektor: Mag die Amigaversion auch nicht ganz so zukunftsweisend scheinen wie das PC-Original, so ist U.S. Gold mit Legends of Valour auch auf der "Freundin" ein bemerkenswerter Schritt in die richtige Richtung geglückt! Und da Sound (wird noch überarbeitet, daher keine Wertung) und Steuerung ganz gut schritthalten können, spricht bei adäquaten Hardwarevoraussetzungen eigentlich nichts gegen den Erwerb dieses "Rollenspiel-Schrittmachers"...
Amiga Games (Feb, 1993)
Der echte “Renner“ an diesem Rollenspiel ist und bleibt also die Grafik, die auf dem Amiga wohl so noch nicht zu sehen war. Konnte Legends of Valour den Ultima Underworld-verwöhnten PC-Spieler nicht von den Socken hauen, so werden sicher einige nur wegen der tollen Grafik hier zugreifen. Wer inzwischen doch beim Wettrüsten mitgemacht hat, und Besitzer einer Turbokarte ist, der sollte sich den Kauf dieses Spiels durchaus überlegen, wenn auch storytechnisch bestimmt mehr drin gewesen wäre.