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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (10 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Amiga Action (Apr, 1992)
Bloomin' hell. The polyester prat is back, that nerd of nerds is here once again. Lounge lizards everywhere rejoice and prepare for another exciting, or even embarrassing, adventure and a gender-bending romp through the sleazy underside of the underworld.
Amiga Computing (Jul, 1992)
If you are a fan of Larry then this is the game that you've been waiting for. Even if you're not a fan. Id strongly recommend buying Larry 5 anyway, because that's the kind of guy I am. The graphics - as I've said before - are fantabulous, and the sound is brill, so I can't whinge on that front. What you do need is a hard drive. You can play it using two floppy drives, but it's really a waste of time and energy.
Play Time (Apr, 1992)
Aber keine Bange, die Abenteuer Larry‘s und seines Gespielin Passionate Patty kommen auf dem Amiga genauso gut rüber! Allerdings sollte Dein treuer Rechner eine Festplatte oder doch zumindest eine zweite Floppy haben. Neben einer “Dual Floppy Play Disk“ muß das die stolze Anzahl von sechs Disketten aufweisende Programm ja schließlich irgendwo untergebracht werden. Bei nur einem Laufwerk ist die Play Disk nämlich nach jeder einzelnen Diskette nachzuladen.
Amiga Joker (Feb, 1992)
Der langen Rede kurzer Sinn: Wer auf pompöse Grafikadventures mit relativ simplen Rätseln, aber ausgesprochen witzigen Gags steht, der kommt am neuen Larry nicht vorbei! Besonders, wenn er eine Festplatte besitzt...
Trotz des revolutionären Parallel- Konzepts hat sich am Gameplay selbst nicht sooo schrecklich viel geändert, vor allem die Rätsel sind nach wie vor recht einsteigerfreundlich. Dafür bekommt man es nun von Anfang an mit der neuen Maus/Icon-Steuerung zu tun, zudem markiert Larry V in Sachen Präsentation eindeutig den Höhepunkt der Reihe. Die Comic-Grafik ist witziger gezeichnet und animiert denn je, und die Soundbegleitung wartet mit einer Fülle von Musikstücken der unterschiedlichsten Stilrichtungen auf. Der Luxus hat natürlich seinen Preis, will sagen, man sollte zumindest einen 286er (am besten mit VGA-Karte) oder einen Amiga mit 1MB (und möglichst auch einer Festplatte) besitzen.
(page 54-56)
Zero (Apr, 1992)
But Leisure Suit Larry V is very easy to get into and although experienced adventurers may not find the puzzles challenging enough, I feel that Mike was a bit hard in his review of the PC version, it's tasteless and good fun to play for if ever a game with the epitome of 'oo-er-ism'. Leisure Suit Larry V is it. Except, that is someone knows of a Benny Hill game.
CU Amiga (Mar, 1992)
Apart from the improved and simpler control system, there's not a lot left to be said about Larry V, Fans of the series know what to expect, but this sequel seems to be slightly easier than the previous adventures. Graphically and sonically, it is the best yet, with plenty of hidden in-jokes and saucy postcard humour which just misses the 'too risky' mark (the ability to raise the 'filth' level is sorely missed, though). The plot, however, is a little uninspired compared to the tropical paradise and spies mix, or the sheer pulling japery of the first games. A little pricey at its thirty-five quid tag, I came away from Larry V neither particularly impressed or disappointed. Its still a cracking yarn, and one that I think will end up in many a casual adventurers' software library. It certainly deserves to.
Info (Mar, 1992)
Much as I enjoyed LSL 5, it's really less of a game than a semi-interactive comic book, There are very long sections that involve no interaction at all; they're mostly expository and while they are funny and entertaining, they should have been accelerated considerably. The one thing I love most about the game is the fact that it doesn't take itself (or Sierra, for that matter) seriously. Its primary purpose is to give the player a few good yuks and it succeeds splendidly at it. The writers aren't afraid to use every cheap, vulgar joke they can work in and I admire them for it. (By the way, since this is very definitely an adult game and if you're worried about your kids getting into it, there's optional password protection.) Dig out your gold chains, run your polyester disco suit through the washer, and join Larry and Patti for some laughs. It's worth the effort.
Um Enttäuschungen der größeren Art vorzubeugen, haben die Programmierer seinerzeit keine Mühen gescheut, an speicherplatzfressenden Features grafischer und akustischer Art zugunsten der Geschwindigkeit geringfügig zu modifizieren . . . was den Spielspaß, vorausgesetzt, man hat die nötige Ruhe, jedoch nicht zu mindern pflegt. Ein Tip: unbedingt Festplatte anschaffen und das Soundpoti auf unteres Mittelmaß her-unterdrehen.
Datormagazin (Apr 23, 1992)
Det nya pek- & klickgränssnittet är mycket bra och ett verkligt lyft – i Sierras fall var tolkarna tidigare urusla och det var en plåga att försöka hitta rätt ord. Och grafiken är faktiskt ganska kul, med sina "cartoon"-liknande karikatyrer av figurerna i spelet. Men för alla er som inte äger en snabb hårddisk till era 500:or – tänk efter en extra gång innan ni köper Larry 5.
Amiga Power (Mar, 1992)
In brief then: it's painfully slow, the puzzles are in some cases insoluble without the hint manual, the animation is so-so, the graphics are average... In short, it's a trial to play. As for the humour, well, that's entirety a matter of taste. If you're the sort of person likely to blurt embarrassing one-liners in the style of Finbarr Saunders then you may find yourself outclassed, or outcrassed, by some of the jokes in LSL. (Then again, you'll be just as satisfied by a copy of Viz, which is almost 40 times cheaper) The accompanying booklet describes Larry as the consummate ladies man (sic) and yet, to paraphrase, only rarely does LSL manage to consummate anything at all. Laugh? I nearly did.
Amiga Format (Apr, 1992)
As an adventure game, it's not really up to much. You click on things and ask a few pre-defined questions. The backgrounds are wonderful to look at,. but there is very little to do - if it was a text-only adventure the message: "You can't use that", would crop up more than once. Essentially you are lead to the correct conclusions. The tricks and puzzles are classic Sierra; to buy air tickets you have to have plastic, but you need to use the right plastic in the right place. So you spend ages working out the programmer's (Al Lowe - "a jazz musician who regularly practices safe sax") idiosyncratic logic.
It's hard to believe that a company that's supposedly as professional as Sierra can produce a game that looks and plays so unprofessionally, but when you consider its track record on the Amiga, it hardly comes as much of a surprise. Those of you with hard drives are at an advantage. When you play it with the correct equipment, Larry 5 is quite enjoyable. The puzzles are well worked, the story is well thought out and you'll probably be able to draw a fair deal of pleasure out of it. But at this price, owners of the bog-standard Amiga would be advised to steer clear of what is more a technical failure than a bad game design.