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Lemmings 2: The Tribes Credits


Amiga Game Programming DivisionDavid Jones, Andy Whyte, Brian Watson
Amiga Intro DepartmentDavid Bryson
Lemmings Animation CompanyGary Timmons
Graphics Design StudioDavid Osborne, Graeme Anderson, Martin Good
Intro Graphics CartelJamie Grant
Co‑ordination (attempted by)Simon Little
Music TriumvirateRaymond Usher, Brian Johnston, David Whittaker
Lemmings Sound FX Int.Alasdair Houston (with no additional equipment required!)
In‑House Documentation CoordinationSteven Hammond
And featuring the astonishing work ofGraeme Anderson, Martin Good, David Hally, Steven Hammond, Alasdair Houston, Mark Ireland, Stacey Jamieson, David Osborne, Douglas E. Smith, Gary Timmons, Andy Whyte
Guild of Chain-Smoking PlaytestersGraham Stafford (whose car journeys reduced Earth's sell by date), Greg Duddle (general super helper outer sorta guy), Tony Parkes (Head Inquisitor), Christopher Stanley (with Fiat X1/9 red wedge shaped car hence Chris )
Including the services of the Paul Alliance of Great BritainPaul Wallace, Paul Jones, Paul Evason, Paul Hilton
More Aspiring Evaluators (but still play testing)Phil Snape, Jason Ennion (with his ), Mark O'Connor (sanity in a chain smoking universe), Jed Adams (remember GMTV.....forever!), Tony McVeigh, Jeff Culshaw, Gary Mercer, Phil James (playtester in spirit), Craig Duddle (earning pocket money from daddy Duddle)
EvaluatorsChristopher Graham, Mike Ellis
And a special mention toMichael Dailly (who did some graphic stuff)
Minor Technical HelpScott G. Johnston
These Credits BySteven Hammond
Did you get that? Credits BySteven Hammond

Credits for novel "Die Geschichte der 12 Stämme der Insel der Lemminge" (The story of the twelve tribes of the Isle of Lemmings)

DesignKeith Hopwood
AuthorRichard Biltcliffe
IllustrationsDavid John Rowe, Sue Rowe
Book Cover ArtworkRichard Clayton

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