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User Reviews

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Overall User Score (65 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Dragon (Jul, 1991)
We highly recommend this game, especially to Tetris fanatics who are hunting for a strategy game that requires similar reflexes. Lemmings is sure to be a smash hit for Psygnosis
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Utterly bizarre, pleasingly original and totally addictive. Invents a totally new category - the save 'em up. As is the norm with such strikingly original concepts, some may wonder what all the fuss is about. Love it or loathe it, you can't ignore it. Lemmings rule.
Amiga Computing (May, 1991)
Lemmings is absolutely brilliant, Psygnosis have manage to product a game that is not only totally original, but also features the kind of addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more time and time again.
The One (Jan, 1991)
There's only one problem with Lemmings - it's too addictive by half. Don't play it if you have better things to do. You won't ever get round to doing them.
Lemmings is unique. The graphics are delightful - each level has a fascinatingly detailed backdrop, while each tiny Lemming demonstrates an amazing amount of character. Above all, the concept is simple, and the game is lots of fun. In fact, this is the first game in ages that I really couldn't switch off. In fact, I'm itching for another game already.
CU Amiga (Feb, 1991)
Lemmings is the perfect family game. The difficulty levels mean that it's playable by all ages and once you have grasped the gameplay you can play it straight away. The only problem I came across was trying to select a particular lemming in a crowd of a round a hundred - but chaos is half the fun with Lemmings. A truly excellent game.
Raze (Mar, 1991)
With the nightmarish range of hazards, obstacles and yawning chasms to be traversed, any level is usually remarkably difficult but extremely entertaining. Fun, very competitive and horrendously addictive.
Zzap! (Apr, 1991)
Lemmings is the epitome of the thoughtful, imaginative programs that people so often claim 'aren't made anymore'. Surprisingly enough Psygnosis, the masters of graphical glitz, have proven the falseness of that argument by resisting the temptation to slip in even a single layer of parallax scroll, instead focusing on the brilliantly original gameplay. As with Loderunner and Boulderdash it's different enough to keep you hooked for ages, yet also instantly and compulsively playable. The tiny lemming sprites have bags of character, with some superb animation, and it's great fun trying to save them – or simply leading them into dramatic catastrophe! The explosive 'apocalypse' option is always worth watching. This violent element, combined with the lemming's irresistible cuteness, should ensure the thoughtful and varied action achieves the commercial success it richly deserves.
The graphics are simply superb with a huge variety in the backdrops and superb animation on the Lemming sprites - watch them gibber with fear just before you nuke the little blighters out of existence! The sound is excellent as well, with sampled speech and 25 different cutesy tunes. Some of the puzzles in the game are so frustrating that you're tempted to give up at times, but the game's strong addictive nature will have you back at the Amiga before you know it. For sheer addictiveness, Lemmings ranks as one of the best, and one of the most original games I've played on the Amiga for a very long time.
Amiga Format (Mar, 1991)
Incredibly original concept that is well worked into a really great game.
Power Play (Feb, 1991)
Spiele mit Eigendynamik sind die momentanen Schätzchen in der Software-Landschaft. Bei "Populous" und "Powermonger" wuseln nette kleine Männchen als Untertanen des Spielers über den Bildschirm; bei "Sim City" sorgt die simulierte Bevölkerung für Aufstieg und Niedergang einer Stadt. Der neueste, aberwitzigste und drolligste Sproß der Kettenreaktions-Tüftelspiele stammt aus Liverpool: Psygnosis veröffentlicht in diesen Tagen "Lemmings", das neue Programm von Dave Jones und seinem Team DMA-Design, das mit "Blood Money" bekannt wurde. Nach jenem harten Ballerspiel hat sich der gute Dave dem Denk- und Strategie-Genre zugewandt. Doch - dem Zeitdruck sei Dank - auch bei Lemmings geht es herzhaft hektisch zu.
Lemmings is a fine game. Although its appeal will inevitably wain once all the levels have been completed, the precision and control faciliated over each lemming is enough to make it worth playing anyway.
Dieses Werk ist zweifellos das bisher stärkste aus dem Liverpooler Softwarehaus und dazu noch völlig atypisch. Bisher strotzte man doch stehts mit Mega-Grafiken und dafür (meist) schwachem Spielprinzip. Diesmal ist alles anders: Das Intro ist gut, doch eher schlicht; die Grafik ist für das Spiel superb, doch der Amiga kann wesentlich mehr. Nur der Sound ist sozusagen wie (fast) immer genial. Mit Lemmings beschreitet Psygnosis einen ganz neuen Weg der Entertainmentsoftware, und vor allem beweist man uns, daß es nicht nur neue, sondern auch noch geniale Spielideen gibt. Für mich wird dieses Spiel mit Sicherheit das „Game of the Year“ - für die gesamte Redaktion ist es auf alle Fälle „Spiel des Monats“ und ein MEGAHIT!
Zero (Jan, 1991)
Lemmings deserves a ZERO Hero for originality alone; but besides that, five minutes and it's got you by the shot and curly addictiveness organs. Either that or you'll go "what's the point?", in which case get back to Beadle's About immediately. This is way above your head.
Independent Zin (Feb 10, 2019)
Lemmings to jedna z najlepszych gier logicznych, w jakie dane mi było zagrać. Wciąga jak diabli na całe godziny i nie nudzi się w ogóle. Warto też wspomnieć, że powstała na chyba wszystkie komputery i konsole, PC, Amiga, NES, Game Boy, Atari ST i wiele innych. Gra doczekała się też dwóch sequeli i kilku paczek z dodatkowymi misjami (wersje świąteczne i Oh, no! More Lemmings!). Powstały też dziesiątki klonów. Jest to z całą pewnością jedna z najbardziej znanych starych gier logicznych.
Retro Archives (Jul 06, 2017)
Le panthéon des jeux pouvant se vanter de n’avoir pas pris une ride plus de 25 ans après leur sortie ne compte sans doute pas beaucoup d’occupants, mais Lemmings n’y a certainement pas volé sa place. Le concept est enfantin, le challenge est réel, la jouabilité est irréprochable et la réalisation a un charme fou. Si jamais vous n’avez jamais posé les mains sur ce jeu, tentez votre chance. Vous passerez, à n’en pas douter, un très bon moment.
Amiga Action (Apr, 1991)
When we reviewed Chip's Challenge last issue we thought that it would be a long time before anything would top it. But Lemmings has accomplished that task. It is absolutely amazing while being very original. It reminds me of the sort of addictive games that we used to play on the C64. The sound is good and adds a lot of humour, while the graphics, although not top quality, work very well and are more than adequate. Whatever type of game you enjoy you'll enjoy Lemmings. Totally amazing.
Amiga Joker (Jan, 1991)
Die Landschaft scrollt horizontal und ist einige Bildschirme breit, auf einer Art Radarschirm ist die Gegend in Umrissen zu erkennen. Die Grafik ist denn auch der einzige Schwachpunkt des Spiels: Zwar wurden die Viecher selbst recht putzig animiert, dafür sind die Landschaften eher trist. Gesteuert wird übrigens ausschließlich mit der Maus (zumindest bei der Vorabversion, die für unseren Test zur Verfügung stand). Alles in allem hat Lemmings in der Redaktion wahre Begeisterungsstürme entfacht – ein actiongeladenes Strategiespiel mit einer superoriginellen Idee, das jeden sofort in seinen Bahn zieht!
Amiga World (Jun, 1991)
Lemmings' graphics and sound are polished, but unambitious. What it lacks in flash, however, it makes up for in comfort: Smooth and addictive, it includes a fast restart option, instant access to any level you've already seen, and a nifty two-player mode with 20 levels of its own.
Recreational computing may well be the last safe outpost wherein a company may claim to have an "addicting" product and not find themselves in danger of attack by a lynch mob. Not since Tetris has this reviewer been so addicted to, or completely fascinated with, a series of challenging puzzles. For those who enjoy fast-moving jousts of logic and creativity, follow the crowd and get Lemmings.