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Written by  :  pottyboy (73)
Written on  :  Oct 18, 2004
Platform  :  Amiga
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
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Despite the difficulty level, you'll want to play this forever... It's just so fun and cute!

The Good

Little Puff is a very fun game to play... It's one of those games that you'll never give up on. It even has the 'Just one more go' factor!

For those of you expecting this game to play like Sonic or Mario, it doesn't. The game itself plays very much like the Dizzy games. You go around solving puzzles, and there's no scrolling (which suits Little Puff well).

Little Puff is himself is easy to control. Press the Fire button to! It's that easy!

The music, in my opinion, is without a doubt one of the GREATEST pieces of music I've ever heard in a game! It's just so catchy and memorable! Almost worth buying the game alone!

The game is very cartoony. Bright, crisp graphics and a colourful theme means that this game would not look out of place in a children's story book. This doesn't mean that it's for kids though, as the following suggests...

The Bad

This game is way too hard! Even though it's very short (another bad point), it'll take you hours (or even days!) to solve the puzzles to get just one map piece! The worst part though is...well, look at this clue:

Touch bad guy, game over, start again.

You guessed it, you only get ONE life and NO health! And, yes... you'll see this far too often.

The Bottom Line

If you liked the dizzy games and are very good at games, you'll love it. Otherwise, stay very clear.