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Lollypop Credits (Amiga)

Lollypop Amiga Title screen


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Lollypop Credits

Development Crew Denmark

Based On A Character Created byOle Mogensen
Game DesignBrain Bug
Project ManagerOle Mogensen
ProgrammingMorten Mørup
Master ProgrammingSøren Raadved Lund, Ole Mogensen
HD InstallerTroels Gram
Main Graphics ArtistJørgen Trolle Ørberg
Additional GraphicsSøren Raadved Lund, Bjoern Naesby Nielsen, Jacob Andersen
Fabulous MusicVibrants
Composed byThomas Mogensen, Torben Hansen
Performed byJesper Olsen
Sound EffectsJesper Olsen
Map DesignOle Mogensen, Søren Raadved Lund, Jørgen Trolle Ørberg, Bjoern Naesby Nielsen
Tools ProgrammingMorten Mørup, Samuel S. Nova
Game TestersJens-Christian Huus, John Anker, Steen Rehoff Larsen, Allan Bruhn

Development Crew Germany

Project ManagerThomas Brockhage
Test CrewMichael Schievenbusch ('Schievi'), Thomas Buchhorn, Nils Bote, Sascha Welters, Carsten Busch
Test CoordinationChristian Schneider, Christoph Schmitz
Manual TestThomas Brockhage, Brain Bug
Spell CheckingAnnette Khartabil, Antje Sprekeler

Product- and Manual Design

Art DirectorOliver Dannat ('Sir')
Cover ArtThomas Andrae
ProductionJörgen Schlegel
LayoutMatthes Berghaus, Andreas Otte ('Otti')
OffsetDTK‑Publishing Service
PrintLippe‚...Hallo 'Ede' Schefer

Special Thanks to

Special thanks toAll the free-lancers on this project for being so patient, Rainbow Arts for believing in us. We hope our future relationships will continue with the same spirit as up to now!, Troels Gram (for helping us out), Alcotini Aarhus: Michael & Kim, Ulrik Henriksen (for being who he is), Ulrik the electro-wizard for fixing out no good outdated cyber-machines. If anyone can do it‚ he can!, Our financiers for making Brain Big possble, John Anker (for talking complete nonsense for hours and hours and hours and...), Finn for giving us a place to freak out and party... We hope he'll keep his appartment after all., The Lucas/Spielberg/Williams trio for ultimate entertainment!, Industrial Light and Magic and pixar for making computergraphics history!, You for‚ hopefully‚ buying and playing this Lollypop original.

Ole's Column

Respectfully thanx toAll my family for accepting my vaste of time on computers., Finn Sorensen (for being a mate and saving me in bad times), Jacob Surland (from the good old C64 dayz), Ulrik Henriksen (for being a real pal!), Jacob Kornerup (for opening the dimensions of consoles for me.), Arden‚ big city of dream‚ for nothing., Tuborg for making my life worth living, Thanks to Samule‚ Søren‚ Jørgen‚ Jesper and Bjørn for being a damn solid team‚ and may the force be with us., George Lucas (for ultimate entertainment), Steven Spielberg (for ultimate entertainment), Jeff Minter (for being different ['f ya know what i mean]), Bart S. (for bein my little yellow pal), Rob Hubbard (for blowing my speakers), Martin Galway (for blowing my speakers), We M.U.S.I.X. Maniacs of Noise [for blowing my speakers], Chris Hülsbeck (for blowing my speakers), Vibrants, Thanks to my shrink for telling me that he can make me almost human within a couple of years., Stay cool!

Sørens Column

I would like to thankMy mum and dad for putting their signatures on the right papers‚ making this team a reality., Lea - hopefully my wife to be - and my kids for putting up with me and my working hours. I love you., My grandma for supplying us with her old BeoMaster 900 stereo‚ making it possible for us to play loud music., The Brain Bug team for working like dogs and get no overtime pay! [Keep it up!], Thomas Brockhage (for showing us the big and cruel world of computergames industry), Andrew Braybrook (for keeping those addictive game coming!), Beavis and Butthead‚ Simpsons and all other hardcore underground toons!, Monty Python‚ Bottom‚ The Young Ones for making Danish TV bearable., Did you know that your foot is approx. The same length as the length from your elbow to the wrist! This is good trivia you know!, Why‚ why‚ why did Aarhus local TV stop the Sledgehammer series???

Jørgen's Column

I humbly wish to thank the followingMy family, Jeppe Øland (for being trustworthy companion for a deal of my life. Stay cool!), Felix Bryde Nielsen (for being trustworthy companion for a deal of my life. Stay cool!), Hanrik‚ Jan‚ Danny‚ Thomas‚ Jesper and Rene [for being trustworthy companions for a deal of my life. Stay cool!], To the city of Rødovre, All the people whi was involved in the Lollypop project., Tuborg‚ B.K.I. Coffee, Vibrants for excellent tunes and great team spirit., Industrial Light'n'Magic for makin' my jaw drop..., Thomas Brockhage (Rainbow Arts), André Bremer (Rainbow Arts), Manfred Trenz (Rainbow Arts‚ for inventing the Turrican character), And a big hand to Ole‚ Søren‚ Sam‚ Bjørn and Jesper for hangin' in the there.., See ya'

Sam's Column

My greeting goes toFirst of all my family [Lis‚ Gert‚ Charlotte‚ Mahmoud‚ Isabella] for helping me through the tough times in Brain Bug., Henrik‚ John‚ Lars & Thomas [and their girlfriends] for being my best friends., My bird fir giving me a reason to live., Id Software for making a super violent game., Master Fatman for being so cosmic enlightned, Thomas Brockhage (for all the funny jokes), André Bremer (for all the funny jokes), And of cause all the other guys at Brain Bug, I'll be back

Bjørns Column

Right! I wanna thank the followingAll of the guys here at BrainBug for making it possible for me to do what I want most [Making computer games‚ that is!], Furthermore‚ thanks to my family for putting up with my loud music‚ hours in front of da Amiga‚ and general support., My airbrush for changing my life!, My friends for making my life more crazy‚ and giving me hangovers every weekend, Pink Floyd‚ Primus‚ Rage‚ Biohazard‚ King Crimson‚ Brian Eno and Mr. Bongle for making music I can listen to..!?, Zircus for making me stagedive!, Jeff Minter (for making the software business more entertaining), All good beer for making me more entertaining, Zig for having the guts to make music with an attitude, English humour for being the best in the world. We're talking 'bout Monty Python‚ Blackadded‚ Bad News‚ Young Ones and last but not least !Bottom! [Must be the companys' favourite], This is Bjørn signing off...

Brain Bugs List of Things to Avoid

Brain Bugs List of Things to AvoidNote: the regards of brain bug and rainbow arts aren't necessarily the same! Rainbow Arts takes no responsibility of the following text!, Beverly Hills 90123 or something!, Casablanca and other Bogart movies!, Ingmar Bergman movies [This is however highly recommended of you have a sleeping problem], Piratecopies of whatever!, Defcon 1 in coffee supplies!, Take That !!!, Synchronized movies!, A kitchen full of empty bottles!, Sunshine on monitors or tv-screens

Survival Crew

TransportationAarhus Sporveje line 4‚ 5‚ 7‚ 9‚ 17, Sam's Bike, Aarhus Taxi, Finns's Car Service
CateringMama Bix, Kylling Expressen, Lodos Pizzas, Bytgiels Bageri
Life supportB.K.I. Coffee

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16063)