Loom Credits


A Fantasy byBrian Moriarty
Illustrated byMark J. Ferrari
Characters Designed and Animated byGary Winnick, Steve Purcell
Visual Effects Animation byKen Macklin, Gary Winnick, Steve Purcell, Mark J. Ferrari
Music of Tchaikovsky Transcribed byGeorge Alistair Sanger, Gary Hammond
Arrangements byDavid Hayes, David Warhol, Eric Hammond, George Alistair Sanger
Additional Programming byKalani Streicher
SCUMM Story System byRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder
Lead TesterKirk Roulston
Tested byBret Barrett, Terry Bratcher, Tom Canham, Eric Christensen, Carla Green, Jon Gubman, Tony Hsieh, Tim Huber, Eric Liu, Maniac Maxo, Ezra Palmer-Persen, Alice Rosen, Jennifer Sward, Aileen Treadwell, Judith Lucero
Front Package Illustration byMark J. Ferrari
Back Package Illustration byDugald Stermer
Package Design by Rick Strand
Manual Design byMark Shepard
Produced byGregory D. Hammond
Lucasfilm Games V.P. and General ManagerSteve Arnold
Director of Software DevelopmentAkila Redmer
Director of MarketingDoug Glen
Director of OperationsDavid Fox
Marketing Communications ManagerMary Bihr
Print Production and Manufacturing ManagerLyza Latham
Public RelationsBetsy Irion, Kim Domino
Administrative SupportAndrea Siegel, Stacey Lamiero, Wendy Bertram, Meredith Cahill, Debbie Ratto, Paula Hendricksen
Thanks toNoah Falstein, Orson Scott Card, James Wood, Carolyn Knutson, Tom Scott
Special Thanks ToGeorge Lucas
Amiga Edition byAric Wilmunder, Daniel Filner
Amiga Soundtrack byDavid Hayes, David Warhol

Book of Patterns

Designed byRick Strand (Guild of Bookbinders Local 67)
Illustrated byLela Dowling (Exalted Order of Woodcutters)

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George Alistair Sanger, 134 other games
David Warhol, 100 other games
Ron Gilbert, 86 other games
Daniel Filner, 72 other games
Mary Bihr, 67 other games
Steve Purcell, 59 other games
Noah Falstein, 56 other games
Meredith Cahill, 50 other games
Aric Wilmunder, 48 other games
Akila Redmer, 37 other games
Judith Lucero, 36 other games
Mark J. Ferrari, 35 other games
Mark Shepard, 32 other games
Kalani Streicher, 31 other games
Bret Barrett, 30 other games
David Hayes, 28 other games
Gregory D. Hammond, 24 other games
Eric Hammond, 21 other games
Kirk Roulston, 21 other games
Gary Winnick, 21 other games
Doug Glen, 20 other games
Brian Moriarty, 20 other games
James Wood, 19 other games
Tony Hsieh, 19 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by codefrog (394) and Игги Друге (46434)