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Magiczna Księga Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Playing as always
Amiga is changing to ZX Spectrum
Virus terrorist
Reaction to the loss of beloved Amiga
Heading for a magic book
Into the darkness
Magic book
Missing four pages
Stage introduction
Level 1 start up
Merchant needs a coin
Mercenary blocking the road
Wizard looks for potions ingredients
Falling fist
Locked door
Man with no head
Axe man
Enemy kill effect
Level 2
Enemy kill effect
Eunuch guards ruler
Conjurer looking for food for the snake
Empty box
Wall blocking the way
Jump on the platform
Abyss ahead
Inventory screen
Young prince
Level 3
Warehouseman needs coins
Bottom level
Attacking the skeleton
Enemy kill effect
Drunk miner
Need to jump a moving car
Safe passage above
Clock found
No passage here
Level 4
Mummy approaching
Egyptian eye
Waiting for the right moment to attack
Sacrificial chamber
Treasure hunter is lost
Enemy kill effect
Big cat
Moving fire balls
Water flask