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Manhunter 2: San Francisco Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The story so far...
The sun rises on the west coast of the USA.
Sierra presents...
Manhunter: San Francisco.
More credits.
Looks like the orbs have done their job to San Francisco...
The evil villian. He could use a good floss to get that green gunk out of his teeth.
A local landmark.
The orbs are leaving New York to head for San Francisco.
You crashed this orb ship in San Francisco.
What is this? The Wizard of Oz?
Turning on your computer.
Tracking a suspect.
Outside an apartment.
Inside the apartment.
Looking in a drawer.
Could this be a clue?
Looking out a window. San Francisco doesn't look too healthy these days...
A warehouse.
Inside the warehouse.
An arcade sequence: Avoid the robots in the warehouse.
Game Over.
The office in the warehouse.
Another clue.
A mallet.
A help screen.
China town.
Going down some stairs.
Climbing through a tunnel.
Looks like I've found a murder scene.
A card.
Heading down the street of China town.