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Maniac Mansion Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Character selection
Intro: Meteor impact
Intro: Game title
Starting scene of the adventure
In front of the house
In the house
Searching for useful stuff
An automatic "cut scene"
The save/load menu.
Down in the basement.
Bernard checks things out.
In the library.
The Three Guys Who Will Publish Anything!
Dave learns the danger of radioactive steam the hard way...
In the art room.
The security door.
In the medical room.
Reading a poster for Zak.
In the Green Tentacle's room.
Dave and Bernard look around.
Look! A package!
Under the house.
At the bottom of the pool.
My name is Dave, and I'm in the Maniac Mansion!
Sneaking past Edna while she is on the phone.
Mark checks out a demo tape.
The meteor police.
Time to stop this nut!
Get rid of that meteor.
Wendy is in the art room.
Wendy checks out upstairs.
Wendy runs into Green Tentacle. He won't let her pass until he gets some food.
In a storage room.
The dining room in the mansion. That's one long table. That painting on the wall shows up again in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Weird Ed wants to know what happened to his cheese.
In the dark room.
Doctor Fred's bedroom.
The bathroom.
Down in the mansion's dungeon.