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The speed and reactions of the Rotofoils make the gameplay very fast indeed, and the 3D graphics reflect this - the checker-board even anti-aliases to make the edges of the squares look smoother, the original Ballblazer music remains intact, as well as a whole stack of new tunes. All of which are stunning. As a one-player game, the whole thing can be a bit overwhelming, as the computer blasts goals in left, right and centre, but it's still enjoyable nonetheless. In two player mode, the game really stands out as a super-competitive exercise for the adrenal glands. New options such as the race and the knockout tournament, as well as extras like the demo and Rotofoil blue-print screen, complete the package perfectly, making Masterblazer as much of a classic as the original. Put it on your Christmas list or live to regret it!
The One (Dec, 1990)
Masterblazer's additions are only structural - you can compete in a cup competition, watch the demonstration, check out the Rotofoil specifications, or try the 3D race sequence. These extras don't really add much to the sport itself, but it's nice to have them all the same. The idea behind Masterblazer is big enough to stand on its own: it's simple, it's original, and it works brilliantly.
Amiga Action (Mar, 1991)
Those of you who were lucky enough to play the original Ballblazer, don't need to be told that this game is a must. But for the newer computer users among you, you don't know what you've missed. Although the graphics and sound are nothing amazing there's something about the game that makes it totally addictive. The scrolling is both fast and good, and keeps the game going at a tremendous rate. If you're fed up with mindless violence in games, then Master Blazer will be like a breath of fresh air.
Das Spielfeld scrollt frei in alle Richtungen, wobei von Ruckeln keine Spur zusehen ist. Die Geschwindigkeit der Rotofoils ist wirklich atemberaubend - überhaupt ist die gesamte Grafik des Games Spitze. Dazu kommt noch der super Sound, der das gesamte Spiel begleitet. Die Titelmelodie wurde neu komponiert und hat einen guten Groove. Im Game selbst ertönt die original Ballblazer-Melodie, die auch keine Wünsche offen läßt. Was soll ich noch sagen? Schreibt Masterblazer auf euren Wunschzettel und hofft, daß der Typ mit dem weißen Bart und dem roten Kittel das Ding nicht selbst behält!
CU Amiga (Jan, 1991)
the action can be a tad repetitive, but as far as I'm concerned this is an incredible blast from the past that should be seen as soon as possible.
Raze (Mar, 1991)
Sadly, though, the other features that this game provides - museum, tutorials, etc - don't help lift it out of the inaccessible cult status it has. To some, this game will clearly appeal, most likely to followers of the original. It will also pick up a few converts, and I just might be one of them.
Amiga Joker (Nov, 1990)
Fazit: Masterblazer ist eine gelungene Umsetzung, nur der Grundidee merkt man ihr Alter halt ein bißchen an.
(page 34)
Power Play (Jan, 1991)
1982 war die Geburtsstunde eines Computerspiels, das drei Jahre später wie ein Steppenbrand um den Erdball jagte: "Ballblazer". Der Kultstatus dieses Programms ist bis heute ungebrochen. Was lag also näher, als im Zeitalter von Amiga, PC und Atari ST eine aufgepeppte 16-Bit-Version zu programmieren. Frisch auf den Gabentisch kommt nun "Masterblazer", das im Auftrag von Lucasfilm Games hier in Deutschland entwickelt wurde.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Fun for a few hours, but too simplistic to hold any lasting appeal.