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Miki Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main menu
Level 1
Throwing the rock
Golden head gives temporary resistance to enemies and shoes save form the spikes
Enemy killed
Extra time, key
Extra life
Level 2
Killing by jumping on the head
Stone spikes
Green crab
Exit doors
Vanishing platform
Level 3
Extra time
Lots of coins
Teleport disk
Level 4
Pumpkin head
Key and the exit
Catching the golden coins
Level 5
Enemy blow out
Armadillo, snail and wasp
Surrounded by enemies
Level 6
Coin and an extra rock
Teleport gates
Fall on the spikes
Level 7
Lots of extra rocks
Exit key
Ten extra stones
Level 8
Temporary resistance for enemies
Jumping over the bat
Chased by a wasp
Level 9
Extra lifes on the spikes
Treasure hunting
Falling down
Level 10
No way out
Goodies all over the place
Bad luck fall
Level 11
Teleport gates
Collecting treasures
Gonna get this smilling head
Mission completed