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Moebius: The Orb of Celestial Harmony Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Origin Systems presents...
Moebius title screen
Greetings from Moebius
A conspiracy of darkness!
Beware the guards of the Warlord
Introduction showing the sword fighting
Assassins lurk in the dark places
Introduction showing hand to hand combat
You must seek those that are good
The Book of Moebius, where you create and train characters
You can't tie during training, if you go down it's a failure even if your opponent has been defeated as well.
Success at the Karate training
Success at the sword fighting training
Divination training requires you to keep the frisky yin yang symbol within the box for long enough to obtain illumination.
Starting the adventure
The map screen fills in as you explore
Skeletons are hung up ominously
A guard stuns me and steals my stuff!
Fighting a palace guard
Defeating the guard recovers my stolen items and gives experience points
Hitting level two grants you the Order of the Ferret
Talking to a villager at night time. This guy ran off because I had my sword out.
Wildlife roams the countryside like this panda bear.
With your sword put away, villagers will give you supplies and advice when you talk to them.
You can replenish your water supply at cisterns.
Defeated by a guard, my journey ends... or does it?
Thankfully Moebius steps in with a helpful resurrection.