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The 3D system is a little slow, and the sprites have the unnerving tendency to travel at snail-speed if enough of them are clogging up the screen, but the one point about this sticks out at all times - it's actually fun to play! The keyboard element of typing in codes to fire missiles and change squads adds to the gameplay, but it's a bit of a pain having to start typing codes in to activate the medical pack when you're getting the pojees shot out of you! The sound is really nice, and the sound of machine guns and missiles blasting all over the shop is effective enough to make the neighbours think you've got World War III going on in your room! Narco Police bodes well for Dinamic, and shows a lot of promise for future games utilising the 3D technique. A good game, and worth a look.
Amiga Action (Feb, 1991)
Narco Police is one of those games that while not being outstanding is still addictive. The controls are slow at first but only take a few minutes of frustration to get used to. Sound is limited to spot effects only, but does enhance the game well. Graphics are outstanding, the animation on the police characters is excellent. My only gripe is that the sprites for the enemy soldiers lack variety. If you are the kind of person who enjoys a challenge with plenty of action thrown in then Narco Police is for you.
CU Amiga (Jan, 1991)
A third of the screen is taken up by the command computer. This is used to switch between units, or to check on personnel status, set explosives, use missiles or to call in reinforcements. Above the play area is a group of status windows. These outline the physical shape of the team member currently being controlled and tell you what type of ammo he's using. Don't worry if this sounds a bit stuffy, the arcade element is incredibly violent and fun. Had Narco Police been slightly faster it would definitely been a screen star. As it stands it's an enjoyable, thinking person's shoot 'em up.
Zero (Feb, 1991)
Robocop meets James Bond in this horizontal/into the screen shoot ‘em up. Drug barons are holed up in an island headquarters and you must lead three squads of Narcotics Police (Narcos to their chums) in an attempt to flush them out and then flush them away. Since the drug dealers have invested 500 million dollars in their security, they are unlikely to be impressed by a copper with a truncheon and a pre-war Webley. Fortunately, you have a selection of weaponry that would be the envy of many modern armies.
Amiga Format (Feb, 1991)
Narco Police requires repeated playing at first to find the right route and then some hard blasting to make it through. The correct munitions must be selected, the right tunnels chosen and all the battles won. Backed up by great animation and sound effects the Narco Police should be shooting for the top.
Amiga Games (Oct, 1992)
Die Steuerung der unerschrockenen Superbullen erfolgt mit dem Joystick, die Befehle zum Abfeuern der Waffen müssen aber per Tastatur erteilt werden. Die Grafik ist recht ordentlich geworden, aber leider kann der Sound nicht mithalten und beschränkt sich auf FX und gleichmässiges Rauschen.
Wenn es nicht so ruckeln würde und die Steuerung exakt wäre, könnte NARCO POLICE ein richtig gutes Ballergame sein. Die Ansätze des „Cabal-Feelings“ sind nämlich zu spüren.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Loud and action-packed blaster for expert commandos.
Amiga Joker (Jan, 1991)
Was die Präsentation betrifft, macht Narco Police anfangs einen wirklich vielversprechenden Eindruck; das fängt beim Titelbild (einem romantischen Sonnenuntergang) an und geht weiter über das Waffenmenü und die Übersichtskarte der Insel mit den verschiedenen Tunneleingängen. Doch sobald die Geschichte richtig losgeht, folgt auch schon die große Ernüchterung: Der Drogenbulle schleicht langsam und ruckelnd dahin, die Soundeffekte bieten praktisch keinerlei Abwechslung, und die Joysticksteuerung spricht so schlecht an, daß es eine Zumutung ist. Zudem muß man immer wieder auf die Tastatur zurückgreifen, z.B. um eine andere Waffe zu aktivieren. Mit so haarsträubenden Methoden kann man gegen die Drogenmafia einfach nicht gewinnen!