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Naughty Ones Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Naughty Ones, loading screen
Uh oh, danger coming
Sucked into the beam
Title screen
Starting level one
Start of level one, featuring an electronic theme.
Game over
You move through the screens, killing the monsters, collecting treasures and keys to unlock the doors.
Further in level one
Green water fills the bottom of this screen,
The boss at the end of level one spews particles out at you.
Onward to the crazy clocks
The monsters and treasures change to match the level theme.
Bonus round
Spinning alarm clocks must be avoided.
The switch on the right triggers the moving rope, so you can move safely over the spikes. The couches at the bottom allow you to jump high.
The next theme is Foreign Affairs.
This level introduces switches that make additional blocks appear, allowing you to reach inaccessible items like the key on the top left.
Entering a high score