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Games-X (Aug, 1991)
With so many options available it seems almost impossible to get bored with the game. This game has to be purchased and if you don't you must be a complete... (snip! - Ed). Totally amazing! I'd say this is better than Rick Dangerous and in my eyes that's quite a feat!
Amiga Action (Sep, 1991)
I can't say enough to express how good this game is. The gameplay is so addictive and everything that has been incorporated in the game only manages to improve it. The graphics are top class and make it look really tasty, and as for the sound, well it's so atmospheric it's unbelievable with the wind blowing and the rippling and sploshing of the water as you plummet into it. Anyone who has played the original will know how good the game is going to be, but for anyone who hasn't don't hesitate, just rush out and get it as soon as you can,
Amiga Computing (Oct, 1991)
Not really a game for beginners, but veteran platform fans should lap it up. If you're looking for a new challenge, and don't really mind going prematurely bald, Nebulus 2 should fit the bill quite nicely.
CU Amiga (Sep, 1991)
It also rates as one of the most graphically stunning games I have seen. From the rippling water at the bottom of the towers to the detailed markings on the buildings themselves, the game is a real treat to look at with the Amiga's palette used to maximum effect. The sound is also of a high standard, with each building boasting its own tune and supported by a full range of effects. An excellent game, Nebulus II is a worthwhile sequel and equally worthy of your attention.
Nebulus 2 kann für Einsteiger ganz schön frustig werden und ist auch für Profis (trotz vier Passwörtern) sicherlich eine harte Prüfung. Wer jedoch ein Spiel sucht, daß das eigene Können unermüdlich herausfordert, durch das eigenwillige Spielkonzept ungemein motiviert und gläzend durchgestylt ist, wird von Nebulus 2 begeistert sein. Selbst die nötigen Spielpausen können verschönert werden: Ein Soundmenü sorgt für Ohrenschmaus in Hülle und Fülle mit tollen Kompositionen. Noch besser geht's kaum!
Zero (Oct, 1991)
Pogo-A-Doofer is a cutesy game with a difference. It requires a modicum of thought. Planning. Strategy. Call it what you want. Normal schlacketly-plap-plop games require you to run willy-nilly across the set of the Magic Round-about, collecting yum-yums and slapping nasties on the bottom. In Pogo you kick ass - a good enough sentiment for any game, frankly. But combine this ass-whupping with a real platform-thought experience, original rotating graphics, and those 'multi-coloured sky effects' and you've almost got a ZERO Hero. Almost. It's pretty engaging, pretty addictive, pretty this and pretty that, but it's not really a big enough step up from the original Nebulus. But those 'multi-coloured sky effects' - phew!
A few easy levels would have been welcome, just to get you into the swing of things. Nebulus was a great game and this sequel does it justice, but inexperienced players might want to tackle the original first.
Info (Feb, 1992)
The small-scale graphics are a marvel of drawing and animation, with a fine eye for detail. The sound effects are perfect and add immensely to the the overall effect. If you've been looking for a new arcade game to get hooked on, you won't go wrong with Nebulus 2.
Graphically Nebulus 2 is as good as, if not better than, the prequel, and the rotational scrolling of the towers is simply superb. Sound, though, is extremely off-putting - the plinkety-plink tunes are very annoying, and in Nebulus 2 only serve to annoy the player. What grates most, though, is the frustrating gameplay which forces the player way, way back down the tower whenever a mistake is made and which puts Pogo right back to the start whenever a life is lost. There's some dodgy collision detection too: I was a good couple of pixels away from one of the baddies but still was sent hurtling to a watery doom. Sequels are rarely a match for their original concepts, and this rings true with Nebulus 2. Nice to look at, you'd still be better off playing the superior original.
Play Time (Nov, 1991)
Das Infernal Byte Systems-Team hat sehr überzeugende Arbeit geleistet und steht technisch anderen Programmierern in nichts nach. Lediglich an der Spielbarkeit sollten die Leute in Zukunft vielleicht mehr Hand anlegen, denn das Spiel ist sehr schwer und frustriert zu Beginn leicht. Wer Lust auf Plattformspiele hat, soll ‘mal einen Blick auf Nebulus 2 werfen.
Power Play (Sep, 1991)
Endlich mal wieder ein Spiel, das nicht lieblos herunterprogrammiert wurde, sondern die Fähigkeiten des Amigas ordentlich ausreizt. Knackige Soundeffekte, farbenfrohe, aber niveauvolle Grafik und ein durchdachter Spielablauf sorgen für Hochstimmung. Am Grundkonzept der Drehtürme wurde glücklicherweise nicht gefummelt, lediglich ein paar Extras peppen das Geschehen etwas auf. Ab und zu kann ich mich allerdings des Eindrucks nicht erwehren, daß die zusätzlichen Features eher schaden als nützen. Es wird zwar deutlich mehr Abwechslung geboten, aber ich halte das Original schon für fesselnd genug - Geschmackssache. Mehr zu denken gibt mir der überraschend hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad. Einsteigern kann Nebulus 2 jedenfalls nicht empfohlen werden.
Amiga Power (Oct, 1991)
A real waste. This is the worst kind of sequel, one which just regurgitates the ideas of its predecessor, but in a far less playable way.
Amiga Power (Sep, 1991)
A missed opportunity for more of the same but in a different vein. Attempting to add to the first was a mistake. Hew... (ahem) 21st Century Entertainment have simply drowned the joyous simplicity of the original Nebulus. Its fans are in for a disappointment.
Amiga Format (Oct, 1991)
Sadly it could easily have been an excellent game, if the loading system had been faster and the gameplay less frustrating. As it stands, Nebulus 2 Pogo-a-go-go is a fairly average little game, which will appeal only to the real die-hard platform freaks.
Amiga Joker (Oct, 1991)
Nun, beim Vorläufer haben die strapaziösen Turmwanderungen aufgrund der guten Spielbarkeit tatsächlich viel Spaß gemacht - leider hat sich das gründlich geändert! Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist von Haus aus ziemlich hoch. aber dank viel zu vieler linker Stellen ist der Frust hier schon vorprogrammiert. Schade um all die neuen Features, schade um die schöne Grafik und den feinen Sound. schade um die verpaßte Chance, einen Klassiker würdig fortzusetzen. Verdammt schade!