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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Zzap! (Jan, 1991)
This is one of the most compulsive games I've played in ages. There always seems to be something going wrong on the production line, so seeing properly finished dolls emerge is very satisfying (while the muddled-up rejects are often amusing - like C-3PO's head on R2-D2's body!). It's all marvellously hectic fun with later levels adding even more machinery to juggle with. Thankfully, the password system avoids frustration, the only slight annoyance being the lengthy interlevel disk accessing.
CU Amiga (Nov, 1990)
Smart, well-presented and fun. Night Shift is a must for the family Crimbo stockings.
The packaging and presentation are highly polished, but the program takes an awful long time to stop faffing around with copy protection checking and disk accessing and let you get on with playing the game. Then there's a fairly long period of frustration as you find out the hard way what you can and can't jump on and fix. However, once you do you'll discover that a day at the factory has never been so much fun and will keep you nut tightening for a long time.
MegaZone (Feb, 1991)
Night Shift is yet another excellent game from the capable hands of Lucasfilm. Past releases include the superb Battle of Britain and Battlehawks 1942 as well as their adventures such as the Indy quest and Maniac Mansion. However, Night Shift is totally different from past releases, as it combines arcade action with a game that needs a little thought. The graphics are great, as is the sound, and the game plays like a dream. The end result is a superb game that is well worth buying.
Amiga Action (Jan, 1991)
The toy industry is booming at the moment and the firms are battling for supremacy over the ever-buying public. Toys are now a valuable commodity and the company that can produce the most will definitely hold the monopoly.
Having to race around again rectifying the situation is more frustration-inducing than fun, and so the playability level suffers quite a bit. The graphics and sound are very nice, even if everything seems to appear a touch squashed and there are some very entertaining sequences, featuring the cigar-chomping boss, and the lemmings (one of which has a bright red nose!). If well 'ard platform action IS the one for you, have a gander - you may like this, you may not. Be sure you're up to the challenge, though, this is no game for novices!
Amiga Games (Jan, 1993)
Die gestellten Aufgaben fordern jeden Spieler bis ans äußerste, was die Koordination anbelangt. Schalter müssen umgelegt, Werkzeuge gesammelt und Reihenfolgen festgelegt werden, Die Grafik ist extrem niedlich geworden, doch wieso sich das Spiel nicht zu einem Verkaufserfolg entwickelte ist mir ein Rätsel.
Amiga Joker (Jan, 1991)
Wer also die Geduld aufbringt, den anfänglichen Motivationstiefpunkt beim Erlernen des Spiels zu überwinden, dem können wir ein paar sehr vergnügliche „Arbeitsstunden“ versprechen!
Power Play (Jan, 1991)
Lila Darth Vader-Körper mit gelben Indiana Jones-Köpfen - Das sieht nach fristloser Kündigung aus. Ich weiß schon, warum die Maschine "Beast" heißt: Man bekommt das Teil nicht gerade leicht in den Griff. Was auf den ersten Blick nach einem schlichten Plattformspiel aussieht, entpuppt sich als teuflisches Tüftelspiel. Fred muß andauernd auf Draht sein: Da fällt der Strom aus, dort ist eine Schraube locker, hier verlischt das Feuer im Ofen - man ist gut beschäftigt, alles unter Kontrolle zu halten. Trotzdem: die große Begeisterung kam bei mir nicht auf. Wer aber Spaß hat, sich richtig tief in das Programm einzuarbeiten, der kommt eher auf seine Kosten.
Datormagazin (Feb 14, 1991)
Night Shift från Lucasfilm är ett mycket charmigt arkadspel som bygger på en bra idé och är himla gulligt och barnvänligt – det finns inte en tillstymmelse till våld i det. Tyvärr räcker det inte alltid med bra föresatser. Night Shift är ytterligare ett exempel på att amerikaner inte riktigt klarar av att tillverka bra arkadspel – och allra minst till Amiga.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
A few instructions would work wonders, but the game's overwhelming charm pulls it through.