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Ooops Up Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The title screen.
I'm using my harpoon, trying to split the big asteroid.
Asteroids of all four different sizes...
If you have a friend, you can play both at the same time.
After each level, you get a password. That means you can continue from the same level next time you play the game.
Sometimes you get attacked by aliens, such as this green slime.
On some levels, you'll have to climb ladders.
After every level, a new component gets added to this ship.
Sometimes when you split an asteroid, a bonus-item falls down to you. With this gun I'm about to get, I can destroy the asteroids much faster.
An extra-life is coming my way!
A flying eye is approaching. It can be killed with the harpoon.
Splitting a big asteroid into two medium-sized ones.
You can destroy bricks with your weapon. It's necessary to win this level.
If you get this bonus-item, the snail, the asteroids will bounce a lot slower for a while.
With a special bonus-item, you can make your harpoon getting stuck to the top of the screen, for a couple of seconds.
Some items have negative effects. That skull on the platform above is the worst, and will kill you if you touch it.