Written by  :  pottyboy (73)
Written on  :  Dec 16, 2004
Platform  :  Amiga
Rating  :  4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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One reason why everyone should own an amiga...It's a masterpiece!

The Good

Today's games are very impressive. Smart animation, lots of action and intensity. Games like Half-Life broke many records in the world of gaming. However, no modern or future classics will ever live up to hype that was Another World.

Another World took the gaming world by storm when released in 1991. It's fluid animation and atmosphere were something that gamers had never seen before. It was also the very first game that had animated cutscenes! These so-called cutscenes changed the way we play games, as they helped to continue the story.

Personally, I think that this game is just simply wonderful. Out of the three versions I've played, the amiga version is the best one by miles (the megadrive/genesis and SNES versions were the other versions of this game I've played - both of them are poor in comparison to this version). Thanks to the amiga's powerful graphic and sound chips the game looks, plays and sounds superb, pushing the power of the older generation amigas (A500, A2000 etc). Even when played on an A1200 or A4000, the game still looks impressive!

The gameplay didn't disappoint me either. Your character is easy to control, and responds in a very realistic way thanks to the fluid animation. All movements are done via a joystick, and are very well thought out.

Without a doubt, the best part of the game is within the cutscenes, as I find these both very interesting and entertaining to watch! The story itself is great, and blends in very well with the intense atmosphere.

As for music and sound, this is also another highlight. The sound effects make up for half of the intense atmosphere. There's wind blowing, distant rocks falling, monsters etc. Totally authentic stuff! The music in the amiga version has been cut down dramatically, due to the lack of space on the disks. This, however, improves the game over the other versions I've played since there is now a lot of ambience, making the game's atmosphere even more terrifying! The game's intro and ending remain in this version, and are without a doubt one of the most rememberable tunes I've ever heard on the amiga!

The Bad

Despite the fluid animation, the detail is actually quite low (especially for an amiga). Some of the backgrounds definitely needed more attention! The other graphics are fine, however.

Another downfall is that the game is far too short! Once you know the game off by heart (like I do), you'll complete the game in just under an hour.

One warning is that this game is not for the young or the faint of heart! It's a dark, scary and hair-raising experience that's enough to make any gamer jump out of their skins (It's not easy when a beast drops down from nowhere and chases you!)! You have been warned!

The Bottom Line

If you see this game up for sale on eBay, or even at a local charity shop, you must buy this slice of gaming history immediately! A true classic that stands the test of time! Amazing!