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Out of This World Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main Title
Just arrived in your ferrari.
Prepping experiment for a countdown to a... disaster.
The animation technique in this game was trully amazing.
Arriving on an alien planet... with half of your desktop project.
Tricking the beast... but for how long.
Hero against the black worms.
Hello, I come in peace. Please don't aim in the head.
Boy, do I feel like I have square eyes from that hit.
Swing, buddy, swing, or do you wanna wait for an execution.
Inside the tower top.
A view upon the alien city.
Breaking down the walls.
Recharging a gun.
Jumping over the spikes.
Turning enemy into toasts or vice-versa is nicely animated for sure.
The light at the end of the tunnel!
The bridge is out!
Maybe I can blow this wall open with my laser?
In the tunnels.
It sure is dark down here.
I wonder where that staircase leads?
Game Over - I drowned.
Walking along a tunnel.
On a T shaped rock.
Ouch! A boulder fell on me and I can't get up.
An alien building...
Exploring the alien building.
Ok, aliens! I'm ready for you!
Nice pillars.
These aliens have nice lights.
Diving down deep.
These hall looks empty...
Run! They're on my trail!
The way out is closed!
At the controls of an alien craft.
The alien arena.
These aliens want to kill me!