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Advertising Blurbs

From the Triton Software Catalog For Your IBM, 1988:
    Match Wits with Mythical Mysteries

    You wake up to find yourself in the mythical world of Kerovnia, with a splitting headache and a mysterious metal band locked around your wrist. And you can't take it off. There are several ways to tackle this amusing, complex adventure. Your job is to find at least one.

    You'll find that Kerovnia is a magical land inhabited by dwarfs, unicorns, princesses, dragons, witches and the player. And you'll find that The Pawn is an absorbing, humorous puzzle which will appeal to the beginner and the hardened adventurer alike.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Oct 06, 2001.

From back of box:

    Man-years in the making, 'The Pawn' is already acknowledged as a classic.

    Set in the mythical world of Kerovnia, this amusing and complex tale is subtle enough to appeal to the beginner and hardened adventurer alike. A revolutionary text-handling system allows input of complicated sentences and complete interaction with characters (including some very intelligent animals!). The Pawn represents all its characters and objects as if they existed in a real world, storing complex information about their attributes and properties linked to their particular position or context in the game.

    Your objectives are manyfold: The simplest is to escape from Kerovnia, but you will find others as you wander about the land and communicate with the characters you meet. The Pawn combines a rich text adventure, with stunning colour graphics, and a language parser that will set the standards for years to come.

    "Adventurers will find The Pawn a delight" QL World

    "The Pawn is a staggeringly clever... adventure" Popular Computing Weekly

    "Long live King Erik and The Pawn" Sinclair User

    If you enjoy adventures in the classic tradition prepare to meet a new master. Watch out for future releases from Magnetic Scrolls and Rainbird.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Apr 05, 2001.