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Pegasus Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro. Perseus, the hero, is about to enter a castle, where he will get the flying horse Pegasus.
An image from the intro.
The title screen.
The first level. You are flying on Pegasus back, shooting fireballs.
From the second level. Now the game becomes a platformer, and it will continue to shift like this, every other level.
Without Pegasus, you have to rely on your sword.
Something really dangerous is lurking in that cave...
Fighting some kind of flying skeleton.
I have upgraded my weapon, and can now shoot three projectiles at once!
Battle with jumping statues. Lightning can be seen in the background.
The first boss. I have to avoid the fireballs it shoots at me.
There are many ugly creatures in the swamp-world.
Using a special weapon against some flying eyeballs.
Are these enemies supposed to be skeletons or knights in armor?
I have upgraded my sword, and now I can fire blue stars with it.
Fighting on a bridge. An enemy has just dropped a diamond.
A have found a shield! It will protect me for a limited time.
A big flying demon, at the end of the swamp-world.
Two birds are helping me, making me even more powerful!
A dog-rat is attacking! Or whatever it is...
Collecting diamonds on the top of a mountain. They can be used to buy upgrades.
I'm glad I'm up here. That worm looks nasty!
Crystals above and below. You lose life-energy if you touch anything, even the ground.
You die instantly if you fall down in chasms.
What a weird creature... I think it's looking at me...
Using electricity against some cannons...
Fighting orcs in a city. The lifebar at the bottom of the screen is almost empty, and I need some healing!
Flying in a really hot environment...
Fighting all sorts of freaks in the hell-world.
What a big and wicked demon! And he shoots three fireballs at once. I wonder how this will end...