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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Overall User Score (14 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Info (Apr, 1992)
Games just don't gel much better than Populous II. It taps into those deep, primitive urges we humans have lo become gods ourselves and be all-powerful over lesser mortals. Give yourself the gift of godhood: buy a copy of Populous II.
Though it would be pretty sad to have to fall back on hackneyed superlatives like "awesome", "incredible" and "fantastic", all three are genuinely true of Populous II. For once, words really do fail me - which is a bit of a first for poncy gits like us who think we know everything. It doesn't matter anyway as there's not really that much left to say, apart from that Populous II is the best 16-bit-computer game that I've ever seen. Simple as that, really.
CU Amiga (Dec, 1991)
The best parts of the original game have been retained, while the gameplay has been further enhanced by some stunning special effects and more in-depth challenges. The result is, in a single word, incredible. Populous 2 unreservedly receives my vote for game of the nineties. But don't just take my word for it...
The role-playing element whereby you can tailor the progress of your god is a welcome addition to an excellent upgrade of an already brilliant example of games design and programming.
Play Time (Feb, 1992)
Die Bedienung des Programms ist wirklich sehr einfach und komfortabel. In Kürze wirst Du auf Deine neuen Landschaften und Geschöpfe herabschauen, und mit Schmunzeln wirst Du sagen können: “Es ist gut!“ Wer jetzt immer noch herumsitzt, statt Populous zu spielen, dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen.
Amiga Computing (Mar, 1992)
So the big question is "Is it a worthy sequel?" and the answer is "Yes", in a big booming voice. It's tons more playable than the original and, in my humble opinion, more playable than all the pretenders to its throne. Thew new disasters are sexy beyond belief. and the 1,000 levels mean that there's no chance of it being a "one weekend to finish" affair. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that this is, ooh, it's, blimey, it's... ooh I've gone all light-headed just thinking about it. Wibble. Rush out, buy it and see for yourselves, OK?
Amiga Format (Jan, 1992)
If you thought that your Amiga ran on mains power you're wrong. It was built to consume mana, vast amounts of it. Plug into the Populous 2 circuit and feel these god-like abilities flow through the mouse and onto the screen. Bullfrog invented the god game as we know it and have brought the full force of their skills to bear in the sequel. Kiss your weekends goodbye, the game of the year is here!
What Bullfrog have done is took the basic nuggets of the original and bolted untold amounts of extras on, making one helluva powerful piece of software. Really, this is something special. One look at the much improved graphics with far bigger characters doing their own thing tells you that this is going to be a bit of a cracker and indeed, it is. A resounding "Hurray!" is what's called for here, because Populous II could have been just a rip-off of the original but instead it's a brill god-sim in its own right.
Amiga Power (Dec, 1991)
A pure computer game - it couldn't even begin to work in any other medium - presented with it and skill and imagination, while all the time laudably aware that it's first task is being fun to play. An action game for strategy fans, a strategy game for arcade junkies, and, until Populous III comes along, unmissable.
Die Jungs von Bullfrog haben es mal wieder verstanden, ein Spitzenspiel auf die Beine zu stellen. Die neuen Optionen (‘Kaputt, kaputt!‘) geben Populous II einen Reiz, den selbst der Vorgänger nicht hatte. Die verbesserte Grafik und auch die erweiterten Spieloptionen machen das Programm zu dem, was es ist.
Amiga Joker (Dec, 1991)
Trotz der vielen neuen Features und Handlungsmöglichkeiten ist die Bedienung sogar einfacher geworden, da nun nicht mehr so viele Icons gleichzeitig am Screen sind. Die gesamte (Maus-) Steuerung ist wunderbar logisch, die Handhabung der Übersichtskarte fast schon genial. Der Sound und vor allem die Grafik haben ebenfalls zugelegt, alles ist super animiert (es laufen jetzt Männlein und Weiblein herum), die Gebäude sind im Stil der griechischen Antike gehalten, das Scrolling ist blitzsauber wie eh und je - einfach ein optischer Genuß. Ach was, Populous 2 ist rundum ein Genuß, ein göttlicher Geniestreich, der die Strategie-Konkurrenz reichlich aussehen läßt!
Amiga Action (Feb, 1992)
Since the appearance of the original Populous, games of similar nature have appeared left, right and the centre. To be the best of the bunch is tough, but a game that is even near the top is a worthy product. Populous II's main failings are firstly that it doesn't quite have the instant playability of Mega Lo Mania and secondly it is just to similar to the original. Somebody who has played it and become bored with it may feel ripped off with the new release. Having said that it does have merits that should be checked out by old and new players alike. It isn't the best game of this genre but it comes very close.
Power Play (Jan, 1992)
Ist's nun besser oder schlechter als der erste Teil? Der „einfach-aber-genial“ Charme des Vorgängers fehlt, wird jedoch durch Abwechslung und Detailfülle ersetzt. Da sowohl Populous-Veteranen als auch die Neueinsteiger ein glänzend in Szene gesetztes Spiel vorfinden, bleibt es Euch überlassen, welches der beiden Götterspiele ihr auch in zehn Jahren noch zu einem Entspannungsspielchen aus dem Regal holt. Zu den besten Titeln des Jahres 1991 gehört Populous auf jeden Fall.
Im Jahre 1992 schlug die Stunde der alten Griechen: In 1.000 grafisch und soundmäßig weiter aufgepeppten, antiken Digi-Welten darf man sich diesmal als Zeus' Sohn mit einem erweiterten Optionsangebot und noch mehr Katastrophen (Feuersbrünste, Wirbenstürme, Seuchen, etc.) herumschlagen. Doch nicht nur Präsentation und Gameplay wurden verbessert, auch die Steuerung hatte man gestrafft und damit übersichtlicher und einfacher gemacht.
(page 18)
Micro News (Dec, 1991)
C'est toujours aussi bon de se sentir dans la peau d'un dieu! Intérêt 5/5. Graphismes 4/5. Son 4/5. Animation 4/5.
Top Secret (Jul, 1992)
Populous II posiada pewne walory edukacyjne. Przed każdą grą możemy przeczytać krotką charakterystykę naszego aktualnego przeciwnika. Może to być znakomite przypomnienie mitologii (niestety tylko dla osób znających trochę angielski). Istnieje także możliwość gry w dwie osoby, ale potrzebne są do tego dwa komputery połączone przez modem, lub port RS232. Do zobaczenia na Olimpie!
An updated release, more attuned to Mount Olympus. One must transmogrify himself into deiry (query — “deus in machina"?). Similar play value, but with added graphics and options.
Playing the role of an army general may be fun. Pretending to be a king or emperor can easily become addicting. Godhood, however, has again proved to be a wonderfully intoxicating experience in this strategy exercise from Bullfrog. Amiga owners in particular should not miss out on this opportunity to apply to the Pantheon. The benefits of belonging to humanity, thus fur, consist mainly of expendability and blind servitude. Why pass up omnipotence?
Populous II is an elaborate program that is instantly absorbing and addictive. Fate will smile upon players who get Populous II. Who said mana can't buy happiness?