Power Drive Credits (Amiga)

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Power Drive Credits


Amiga ProgrammingRichard Beaven, Paul Tweddell, John Heap
MusicKevin Bruce
Sound FxKevin Bruce
GraphicsAlly Noble, Mike Hanson
MapsAlly Noble, Mike Hanson
Excellent EditorsJim Bagley
Thanks toU.S. Gold, Rob Palfreman
Based on an Original Design byRage Software Ltd.
A Very Special Thanks toTony Higgins, The Forest Experience
Special Thanks toRover Cars Plc., Brigden Coults Motorsports Ltd., Fiat Auto U.K. Ltd., Renault U.K Ltd., Vauxhall Motors Ltd., Toyota Team Europe, Ford Motor Company Ltd

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Credits for this game were contributed by B.L. Stryker (21069)