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Powerdrome Reviews (Amiga)

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The element of racing at break-neck speed around a twisting, turning and often very fast-paced racecourse would make for a superb game in its own right. With a comprehensive craft customisation screen, a demanding on-going challenge, speed to keep the pace very much alive, an unbeatable illusion of movement and long term appeal, Powerdrome is the ultimate future racing game. There's one roller-coaster ride after another, as the Typhoons give no quarter in one vicious race around equally vicious courses. Holding onto your stomach has never been so much fun.
Zzap! (Jun, 1989)
Well it's certainly taken its time to appear on the Amiga hasn't it? I mean I can remember drooling over the ST version of Powerdrome ages ago in slobbering anticipation of the Amiga version. Now that it has arrived, it appears that all the fiddly points about the ST Powerdrome have been ironed out on the Amiga. For example the control method is now adjustable to your own requirements, a point which makes it far more playable in my book. As for the game itself, I think myself, personally, me, that it's the best presented racing game on the market (now there's a boast!). The amount of options is incredible, allowing you to completely restructure the game. But the cool presentation doesn't stop there – there are tons of nice touches, like twinkling lights in the tunnels, subdued lighting when you pass under a bridge and the repair screen… what else can I say but brilliant? Oh, there's a great game in there as well! But don't take my word for it, take a Typhoon for a spin today!
Amiga Format (Aug, 1989)
After a few days’ practice this is a fantastically absorbing game. Initially, the aids to flying help a lot, but once you are good enough to get rid of them it is a unique racing experience. Not only is it worth spending the time on to begin with: it will remain a classic for years to come.
Amiga Computing (Aug, 1989)
The graphics are remarkable, wonderful and fantastic. Do not be surprised if you find yourself falling out of your seat as you try to take a sharp bend – good use of the blitter which suggests the programmer did a deal with Beelzebub. The sound effects are some of the best I have heard. Wonderful stereo imaging and varying engine noises. Addictive, fast and professional, this must be the definitive racing game. As Frankie almost said: Welcome to the Powerdrome.
Amiga Action (Jan, 1991)
Powerdrome, the simulation, gives you the chance to enter the lightning fast world of a typhoon pilot competing in Powerdrome XXIV against four of the galaxy's meanest and most determined pilots.
Einziges Manko der Amiga-Fassung ist die Geschwindigkeit der Vektorgrafik. Diese nämlich ist mindestens 25% langsamer als bei der ST-Version. Einen kleinen Geschwindigkeitsunterschied ist man bei Vektorgrafikgames ja gewohnt. Doch bei Powerdrome hat man sich wohl nicht so richtig ins Zeug gelegt, oder? Vorteilhaft ist wiederum der Digiscond (Geräusche) und das deutsche Handbuch. Besonders interessant ist in jenem der hintere Teil, welcher die Datalink-Option beschreibt. Denn hier wird erwähnt, daß sich beide Amiga-User ein Original zulegen müssen; wenn sie Powerdrome zu zweit spielen wollen. Das kommt daher, weil die Amiga-Fassung mit einem Kopierschutz versehen wurde, während die ST-Version nur eine Anleitungsabfrage beinhaltet. Was sich E.A. wohl dabei gedacht hat?
The control mode's been tweaked, but Powerdrome Is still a tad on the unplayable side.
Commodore User (Jun, 1989)
Race games like this rely on the quality of the course you race over and Powerdrome comes through strongly on that count. This is not the fastest, most colourful, or best-looking game of its type, but I bet you will play it more than most especially on the data-link mode if you have a mate, with an Amiga.
In spite of good graphics, good sound, and adequate documentation, I find Powerdrome requires more skills than I am willing to spend time developing. Also, I found the joystick made control more difficult than the mouse.
Retro Archives (Oct 07, 2018)
Powerdrome sur Amiga est une excellente surprise, non pas pour son contenu ou sa réalisation qui sont très proches de la version ST – en beaucoup plus fluide quand même – mais bien pour sa prise en main qui s’est énormément améliorée d’une version à l’autre. Là où on devait lutter des heures sur ST pour parvenir à ne pas transformer notre Typhoon en boule de flipper, cela ne prend que quelques minutes sur Amiga, et le confort de jeu qui en résulte est incomparable. Si la simulation est toujours aussi exigeante, elle devient également nettement plus abordable, et ça change tout.