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Prawo krwi Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Intro starts
Mission failed, commander is dead
Special forces commander briefing
Manual protection check
Main menu
Best scores
Mission 1 park alley ECS
ECS jump kick
ECS jump kick
ECS high kick
ECS low punch
ECS round kick
AGA headbutt
AGA extra points
AGA high kick
AGA jump kick
AGA bloody punch
AGA punching the gunner
Mission 2 first person perspective shooter
Closed heavy doors
Columns in the middle of the room
Mission 3 old factory
Temporary invincibility bonus
Blocking the kick
Face jump kick
Lost the duel
Game over screen
Mission 4 car chase
Car destroyed
Mission 5 city streets
Extra energy power up
Enemy with a short stick
Blow to the ribs
Maluch car in the background
Mission 6 fpp shooter again
Looking for hidden drug dealers
Dark alley
Mission 7 mafia operating base
Jump kick in the face
Knee kick
Round kick in the process
FBI jacket big guy
Striking with the elbow in the face doctor
Mission 8 car chase
Chase for the mafia boss
Game completed
Game over screen, authors?